Saturday, October 23, 2010

Earth Talk by Hillary Raimo

The intuition is your inner pendulum. Without it you float endlessly through an barrage of illusion, directed by the majority paradigm, and exposed to unconscious, unhealed agendas of ego.

Spiritual wisdom in the 21st century has a strong thread of scientific, linear, male oriented flavor. That is changing now as the Yoni of the Earth is heard by women waking up around the planet. This is not about throwing the men out the window and forgetting them, or over powering them. This is not a competitive, us vs. them, kind of tale. The divine male needs the divine female to rebirth herself, so he too can become stronger, a better match, and more empowered in a heart centered way.

The female power that is awake in the world, is in most part, a wounded one. The concept of Sisterhood is lacking among women, especially in the Western world. The collective paradigm of competitive, materialistic, separatism that streams through our personal lives, our families, communities, cities, states and country has broken the heart centered communion that we as human beings rightfully are.

The dark mother energy has consumed most of the women in the Western world today. When one woman hates another, it adds to this destructive death-like force that creates a warping of the true nature of love. The dark mother is a tremendous teacher, her lessons are swift, painful, deep, and she will persist until you rise up and face her, look her in the eyes and put her energy back into its rightful place, in balance with the light mother energy.

For women, this is a tremendous task of walking through her own wounding, shadow, and facing the dark aspects of herself that she manifests into the world, and contributes to the collective force of Sisterhood.

Going down into the Earth is the key to going out into the cosmos. You can not leave the Earth plane effectively without honoring where your feet stand. Your body is intimately connected to the Earth, your biological processes, all of them, depend on this relationship. You can not ignore the physical aspect of who you are as a human being and expect to become an enlightened human being. When you do, you simply cut off your energy from the Earth, and delude yourself into believing you do not need it, it isn't real, or it isn't worth your time, energy, or life force to recognize the importance of this connection.

Take a look at the current day neglect of the planet, the blatant disrespect we offer it as a whole. If this were not true, our planet would be a very different place. It is with the Earth as it is with our physical bodies. So many are so anxious to leave the Earth, to fly out of their bodies and explore the stars, with little acknowledgment of who we live on.

The Earth is a living breathing entity in and of itself, as is our bodies, connected to the greater whole, and what we give our energy too, or not, affects the entire system.

I see so much interest lately in exploring the possibility of other life forms coming to the planet, exploring other worlds, however their ability to look up has forgotten the need to connect downward.

Your body is a mirror of the Earth. Go into her core, and you can travel anywhere in the Universe. You can see with your inner sight places that exist in different places in time. The biological processes within your human body allow the transcendence of your spirit into the ether. You are already a divine time travel machine. You do not need machines, and technology to do it. Just the reconnection of your inner psychic and intuitive channels, along with a few sessions of open communication with the Earth, and off you go.

Everyone will come to a statement of truth and process it from wherever they are at any given moment. It will be filtered through the lenses of perception, experience, and it will always be the correct translation for them. Being a teacher means knowing how to see where a student is at any given moment, and to be able to shape the energy into not only what they need at that moment, but what they will also be able to understand. Teaching is a skill that develops over time. It has to do with a deep understanding of how to read energy, and how to translate that into what your students are ready for.

The Earth knows this too. Your interaction with her will be directed with that in mind. The cosmic mind, that flows through everything. A great teacher of mine once said, the first lesson of power is that we are all alone, the second lesson of power is that we are all one. You have to be able to let go of attachments completely, in order to see that everything is connected. Then you have to come back to Earth and teach others to do the same, to be of service in this way because you are all one. If you free yourself, and others are still entangled, then you are truly not free.

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Maaike van Oosterom said...

Beautiful. You always speak right into my heart. Thank you. Love, Maaike