Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reflections From Shasta

I greeted the majestic mountain with a humble prayer. The last time I had been here was four months after a serious health crisis. Then climbing Shasta was a symbol of triumph, continuing life, and dedication of my life to pursuing higher learning, and setting my intent as a teacher. It was very obvious to me then what I was here to do in this lifetime.

Now almost 5 years later here I was again. Walking in the same footsteps as I had previously. With new vision, strong heart, and an aligned spirit. The previous week I had been in the mountains of New Mexico with my Sisters, dreaming new dreams. Now I carried with me offerings from each of us to be buried on the mountain here, anchoring our vision and intent for our coming work together.

I was entering a new stage of my work, and the feeling of that was palpable. After I did a small ceremony a dust tornado began to swirl and danced across the rocky flat area below. Confirmation of the power present here.

I was here this time to work with Dr. Steven Greer in one of his notorious CSETI trainings. My indigenous teachers would say communicating with the star beings. Scientific I am not, I am a woman of the Earth, of ceremony, of prayer and communion with my spirit guides. An artist of living, and a dreamer. The entire universe had lined up to get me here, and I came because I have been taught to listen.

So many stories came out of this single week. Experiences that change everything. Once a door is open to the realities of the Universe, you can never shut it. You don't want too anyway. But is shifts everything. Puts you into that place between worlds. Where you can dance to a song sung by life itself.

This quote sums up my experience. The adventures will find their way into my writing in the coming months. The essence of them seep deeply into my soul, and my heart now. Life changing is too small of a word. But still applies.

“Even the origin of the name, "Shasta," is clothed in mystery. The great
mystic and founder of the Theosophical Society, Madame Helena Petrovna
Blavatsky, who once visited Mount Shasta, said that the Sanskrit word
Sishta is the enlightened remnant of a previous age that forms the seed
...of a coming humanity.”

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