Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Re-Membering the Heart & Other Sacred Places

There is a point of balance that happens when life aligns according to design. All matters of time & space coordinate to adjust the ever approaching elements of love.

Tones sing to our hearts the truths of the Universe. Opening ways into ourselves, and other places. All seemingly somewhere yet undoubtedly the same.

Truth rings loud within soft places, gentle strength holds the fabric in place. Inter-twining dimensional realities weave the song of life. Our colors melt within each other, creating rose tainted hues of channeled flowing waters.

Frozen in time, no time. Elevated beyond the defined reaches of mind and space. Stone-like movement of conscious dreams. Walking on the bottom of the Ocean, swirls of light illuminate the depths of possibilities.

Hues of blue tug at heart strings, opening airwaves of sound. Physical forming energy folds dust into star light.

Connection within separation of illusions, beliefs discarded like shedding snake skins made of shaking rattles. Teeth penetrating inner vision, awakened kundalini shines the light in dark corners of dusty paradigms.

The world is but a changing dream, stability is found within the heart. The sacred holy temple sought by warring savages unable to penetrate the door. It lies untouched by the musings of duality. Control and ownership holds no value, cast aside by brilliant light cascading on the layers of accumulated experiences, lessons and beliefs.

The edge of the void leads to the trail of reality.
Footsteps taken softly.

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