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New Book Blog Tour for Robert Larson

Welcome to Day 7 of Robert Larson’s Blog Tour for his new children’s book, Robbie the Butterfly.

Robert Larson is a starseed/lightworker on the path of ascension. His mission in life is to spread the message to the children of the New Earth that being fully present each moment of your life is the key to spiritual transformation. His message to parents out there is to allow your kids to be empowered so they can transcend the wheel of karma and live a life of peaceful non-judgement. He is sharing this message through his book Robbie the Butterfly, which uses the caterpillar to butterfly transformation as a metaphor for the real transformation you go through when you live these truths.

Message from Robert:
So far in this tour I've discussed what ascension is, and what a starseed/lightworker is. Now I'd like to discuss another metaphor from my book. In my story Robbie discovers that at one time in history, the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly was natural. This was thousands of years before Emmanuelly, who lived 2000 years before Robbie and was worshipped as the only caterpillar in history to make the transformation. As some of you already guessed, Emmanuelly is based on Jesus, but what exactly is the ancient butterfly world based on?

I'm sure a lot of you reading this have heard of the legend of Atlantis, or Lemuria. These civilizations supposedly existed before recorded history, and people who lived in them were living fully conscious lives. They were utopian civilizations, but so far there is no hard evidence that these places actually existed. However, there's also no proof that they didn't exist. I mean, how far back does human history go? Back to ancient Egypt, maybe 5000 or 6000 years ago? Some believe the Sphinx was built during the reign of pharaoh Khafra which was 2558-2532 BC. However more recent investigations have concluded that the erosion on the Sphinx was caused by prolonged rainfall. The last time the Sahara had a period of heavy rainfall was between 8000 BC-6000 BC.

There are many different theories on the origin of the Sphinx, but I want to discuss the Orion Correlation theory. This one would put the origin of the Sphinx at 10,500 BC. The geographic relationship of the Sphinx, the Giza pyramids, and the Nile directly corresponds with Leo, Orion, and the Milky Way, respectively. There's a correlation of the pyramids at Giza with the 3 stars forming Orion's Belt, in the relative positions occupied by these stars in 10,500 BC. So this theory suggests that a civilization built the Sphinx that was before recorded history. There are rumors of secret chambers beneath the Sphinx, and Edgar Cayce once said that there's a hidden Hall of Records hidden between the paws of the Sphinx that could be records of Atlantis.

So that's why I wrote about an ancient butterfly world in my book, and also why I told my illustrator to draw pictures of the Sphinx in the ancient world and the modern world at the end of my story, with Robbie holding a secret document. My spiritual teacher Zakairan once told me that I am a record keeper, and that's why history fascinates me so much. Now that's not the history they teach you in school. I never cared much for that, but it's the hidden history that mankind forgot about that fascinates me. I believe as the ascension process continues on and mankind starts to wake up in this grand shift of the ages, many hidden truths will come out. I've done some research over the years about possible lost civilizations on this planet, and even other planets, and I've read a couple books about possible hidden histories of the cosmos.

Although I'll admit some of the books I've read about the history of the cosmos contradict each other, it still makes you wonder what the real history is. I've heard that there was once wars in Orion, hundreds of thousands of years ago, and Zakairan believes that the Star Wars movies are unconscious memories of these times. I have a starseed friend who remembers past lives being part of something called the Black Dragon League, who rebelled against the Zeta Reticullae(the gray aliens) who were trying to take over the universe, but this rebellion was peaceful, in the mind. Another starseed group on the internet claims to remember past lives standing up to the reptilians 1 million years ago, and then in future lives being orange-haired monkeys who were enslaved by these reptilians in ancient times on Earth. There's also rumors that it was the reptilians who manipulated our DNA some 300,000 years ago and that's the reason for the "fall of man."

Another book I read suggests that there was a race of giants from the Lyra constellation who waged wars for millions of years before settling on 3 planets, one being Earth, another being Mars, and a third was a planet called Milona that was destroyed and is now known as the asteroid belt. This supposedly happened around 300,000 years ago. Other sources called this planet Maldek and it may have been destroyed by some kind of nuclear explosion between 8800 and 1500 BC. If anyone's familiar with Zecharia Sitchin, he claims that a planet called Nibiru circles the solar system every 3,600 years. He claims that one of Nibiru's moons collided with a planet called Tiamat and Tiamat split into 2, one half being Earth, and the other the asteroid belt.

So there are many different theories about history of the cosmos, and they all contradict each other, so who knows which one is right. One thing though, where do the stories in the Bible come from? The fall of man in genesis, in my opinion, could be the fall of man into unconsciousness. Eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil is our fall into duality. Zakairan says that the story of Noah was actually the sinking of Atlantis. Also, the serpent tempting Eve is a hint at the reptilian race and the possible manipulation of our DNA. So all these stories have a true origin, but may not be the way people think.

The bottom line is, we now have a chance to redeem ourselves and not make the same mistakes that lead to the fall of Atlantis. We have a second chance at a successful ascension this time around. I hope that in the near future archeologists will discover hidden secrets about these lost times in history, so we can learn from our past mistakes and not repeat them. Then children can learn about true history and not the watered down version they teach in schools today, with all the death and destruction of the last few hundred years. Also, as we ascend we may start remembering our own past lives, maybe even on other planets, in other civilizations, and then we'll all know the true history of the cosmos.

Blessings, Robert

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