Monday, September 27, 2010

Spiders in the Dreamtime

I stood there looking at the entrance to the chamber. The thick greenery around the ancient stone walls cast the small opening into a dark shadow. For a moment I perceived a shimmering mist affect in the entrance. You could see nothing beyond it. The smell of Earth was strong. I was a bit intimidated by this chamber. The last time I was here we had a rather unusual paranormal event happen. This time I was alone, and could feel a scintillating vortex energy coming from the opening.

I kneeled down in front of the entrance, and waited until I felt I had permission to enter from the spirits of place. I had been all over the world looking at ancient ruins. I very rarely felt intimated. This place had me on my knees humbled waiting to see if I'd be allowed to enter. I offered some tobacco and cornmeal and a small stone I had brought back from Mt. Shasta a few weeks before. Then I sat and waited.

There was a feeling of time evaporating. A swirling of energy enveloped me. I felt a very real presence wrap itself around me. I stayed still and in a meditative space. I felt my consciousness expand, and I began to see scenes of places, some of this world, and some beyond. I viewed the entrance as a way to travel to them. Should I know how to do so.

I saw the mist again, and the temperature dropped. It was a rather warm day on this Full Harvest Moon Fall Equinox, I was sweating from the hike in, but coming from the entrance was a flow of cold air, the longer I sat there, the cooler it became. This phenomena had happened last time I was here while inside the chamber. The temperature dropped suddenly and drastically. I felt the spirits of place present, and I was given permission to enter.

The small opening is deceiving, inside the chamber you can stand comfortably, and the stone room becomes a womb-like place. The silence is seductive. This time of year the spiders are large and always watching. As I flashed my LED light around the walls and ceiling, their eyes reflected the light as they watched me. Some were poisonous, and others larger than wolf spiders. I sat down quietly. I could feel their eyes on me as I settled in to overcome the fear that crept up inside me. It passed, and I accepted their presence.

I was in their world now. I was here to learn from them. I had recently overcome my fear of rattlesnakes in a very similar way. The mind tells you all kinds of things to get you out of there, but in learning how to still that chatter, you find a way into the Dreamtime. The spiders are guardians of the spinning woven web. They teach you of time and how to spin it, and how to travel along the lines of time in order to transcend it.

I settled into my training, and found the place of the quiet reflective pond within. The temperature dropped inside the chamber. I felt a stirring of my own energy. My body heat began to rise considerably. I wasn't in the right spot. I felt a nudge to move back outside the opening and to do this from that point. So I offered tobacco and cornmeal where I sat and to the spiders, who were still watching me. I settled in directly in front of the opening. This was where I was to connect. I was easily brought into the Dreamtime. I could hear soft tones. Whispers of voices. Something was here. I had no fear at all.

I began to repeat a mantra. I closed my eyes and I could immediately see a tunnel at the back of the chamber. I often take pictures when I start connecting on these levels because things show up in them that are not visible to the naked eye. I followed the tunnel with my consciousness. There were many things coming out of this tunnel, and they quickly filled the chamber. They could not come past the entrance to where I sat. It was as if the entrance itself kept them inside the chamber. There were many faces apparent, different types of entities. Layers on layers of them. While my consciousness went into the chamber to the back wall, and through the tunnel, I was shown where they come from. For a moment it was difficult to get back out.

It took all my energy to come back through the tunnel into the filled chamber, and out the entrance. It took all my training and effort to do it. I felt the spider energy assisting me, as I followed my own web back into this place and time. I had to become like the spider in order to travel through it. When I came out the mist was visible with the naked eye. I could see the chamber filled with it. I saw two very clear string-like threads of smokey mist churning and coming out of the entrance like tentacles. They would not show up on the camera as I tried to capture them. They reached out and touched me, like cords of energy. I felt a pull on my solar plexus, and I became very over heated. The cords faded. I felt tired, and realized what had just taken place.

This chamber is not for the fainthearted. It is well hidden, and rarely visited because of its obscure location. It has retained much of its original energy, and magic. It was made very clear to me that I could not bring people here who were not ready. I had made contact with the Dreamtime, and the spirits of place directly. I said my prayers, and felt gratitude for what I had just experienced. It was humbling and powerful.

We are not alone in this world. The reality of what we think we know, is only a drop in the Ocean. The fabric of time is permeable. Like a spider web.

It changes our assemblage point, and only when we have shifted that point of reference can we transcend time and space. This is an ancient teaching, not one thought up in a laboratory somewhere by a scientist. There may be scientific language to help describe it or understand it. But to experience it you must be able to transcend the kind of linear thinking that scientific explanation requires. You must be able to go beyond the linear physics, and math, into the realm of circular dreams.

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M said...

Hillary I LOVE this story! What an amazing experience. I had a similar adventure once and wanted to do more work like this, but it's been simmering on a back burner. If I get back to NY I would like to go visit this place, too. Thank you for sharing this!