Monday, September 20, 2010

Divine Male, Spirit Mate, Healing Wholeness

Captured wings of flying doves tie the strings to ones heart. Binding them
forever in a flight of submission. Beautiful is the man who caught them.
Stunning is his beauty, the light that shines from his eyes tastes like
the ocean. His heart pounding next to mine reminds me of a lost world, covered with shifting sands.The depth of his soul fills shallow waters with twinkling stars. His touch brings me to the edge of the void, and leads me further, to a trail of diamond treasures. Each one reflects his face, as I listen I hear his deep laugh, his closeness brings me further from the illusions of empty windows. His love fills me like a brilliant white light. Like twins we intertwine magical places impregnated with truth and prayers. Sacred like the mothers belly, I come home to myself with him. Born in the same cosmic sky overhead. I touch him and feel myself.

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