Monday, September 20, 2010

2010 Fall Equinox Musings

Remember back to the Spring Equinox and the intentions you set then. Recall where you were in March during that time. What was happening in your life? What challenges were you facing and how was your energy level?

As we approach the Fall Equinox it is time to take a look at what has happened in the last six months to see how you have manifested your intentions. Why is this important? Because it gives you a gauge as to how you function and gives you insight into what makes you tick. Knowing yourself is the greatest challenge. Some will do anything to avoid it, focus solely on the outside world, and fill their lives with drama, and distraction just to avoid it.

Getting yourself back on cyclic time is crucial to aligning yourself with the multidimensional aspects of wholeness.

Balance is the key to holding up a new grounded and expanded vision of the world and our place in it. You can strive for spiritual enlightenment but be completely ungrounded and unable to sustain yourself within the physical world. You can also be very grounded, so much so, you can not close your eyes for more then a few seconds and reach any state of inner quiet and peace. There are extremes to each with very real consequences.

We are reaching a critical point within the evolution of the human species. Much has been written about this time in our history. So much so the term 2012 has become almost a cliche. What is the point of understanding the end of the Mayan calendar, if you have no idea what the calendar means in its entirety? If the cycles are the point, and time is nothing more than a marker of passing ages, the ending isn't really the point is it?

It is about working with the cyclic markers. The 21st century has been working on a false timeline. A timeline that is linear, not circular. Holidays mark the passage of our time, the beginning of school years for our children, birthdays and anniversary's dominate our schedules. We mark the passing of the month not so much by the moon cycles, but by our credit card deadlines, work schedule, and after school events.

We are moving faster and faster through our lives, keeping connected with bigger and better technology that our brains try desperately to evolve fast enough to understand. Is time really speeding up? Are we really quickening? Is all of this change a response to technological advances? 2012? healing? enlightenment? Are we ready to take off like rockets into the sky?

There is a missing link to all of this, and that is the element of slowing down. Laying your hands on the Earth and resonating with her tone. She is the way out to the stars. You can only go as high as you go deep. Into her and into yourself.

Many of my clients and students have asked me lately what I think will happen as we get closer to 2012. I usually ask them what is happening with them now? Their response is usually a mixture of a variety of things, but mostly it is about transition, and transforming old cyclic patterns in their lives that no longer serve them. Healing the past and trying to move on and release so they can be fully actualized and be more whole human beings. Why would that be any different for our planet? And most importantly why do we perceive wholeness without change?

We all know what it means to synchronize our watches so we are all on the 'same time'. What has been forgotten is how to synchronize our hearts to the planet we live on. That we, like all her other creatures, are tuned in to her when we are in touch with our emotions and our spirit.

Expanding our perceptions and consciousness is the great work of the human being. It goes beyond religious belief and definition. It defeats hierarchies of power structures set up to separate and divide. There will always be elders you can look up to for role models because they have more experience then you. Learning from others who have come before you is the natural way of knowing. You may be in different places, but that in itself is not a hierarchy. We are coming into a time of equality, of unconditional acceptance of each persons ability to grow and be their own hero on their path. To assist when needed, but to know the difference between taking power, and giving it back to someone who still has to learn how to use it.

What lies within your hearts desire right now? What are you not aligned with at this very moment? What is stopping you? Whose voice does that really belong too?

Fall is my favorite season here in Upstate New York. The trees turn the most brilliant colors in celebration of a year of life. We should take notice, and follow suit. As the leaves die, and shed, there is one last brilliant gracious moment of celebration and gratitude. Then they fall back to the Earth and enrich her soil with nutrients, feeding the cycle.

Our experiences, good or bad, need to be shed and recycled back into the Earth as well. This makes room for rest, renewal, and dreaming. You can not be the same person your whole life. A tree cannot keep the same leaves year after year.

Balancing the divine Male and Female is what is being asked from us. This balance is what will heal not only our personal selves, but our relationships, families, communities, countries and the planet.

Keeping track of your responsibilities does not mean you have to discard your natural cycles. You just have to relearn them. Practice keeping them, and then plan around them.

The Fall Equinox this year presents an opportunity to take some quiet time, reflect, and let the Full Harvest Moon that works with this incredible energy feed your spirit. The window stays open three days prior and after the actual date. Celebrate your accomplishments, savor the memories, and learn from the experiences. See how you came full circle in some areas of your life. Acknowledge how your intentions from Spring have manifested. See the things that have not fully been birthed, revisit them, and if they need to go let them go. What do you want in your life?
What is really important? How do your priorities have to change?

Harvest the fruits of you. Enjoy what they offer you. Feel the joy in being full and completing something. The Winter is coming, the time for deep dreaming. The time to withdraw from the busyness of life to feel the depths of your own Ocean. To allow your creativity to come out and be expressed in ways that sooth the soul.

Love yourself enough to make time a cycle.
Happy Equinox everyone!


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