Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Medicine Story by Hillary Raimo

"The oil is not gone" said chicken little.
"The animals in the ocean are dying" he yelled.
"The toxic chemicals sprayed are in the loop current
and now we are watching just some of the evidence
washing ashore throughout
the East Coast & South America"

Someone yelled back at chicken little, told him to keep quiet, that it was climate change, changes in migration, its all normal, nothing to see here, to move on and stop complaining. Chicken little walked over to the ocean, with tears in his eyes, and hoped someone would listen.
That same someone followed Chicken little over to the seas edge and continued to tell him to stop crying, nothing was wrong, it never happened. Chicken little felt a pull in his heart, his eyes saw the truth for himself, this Someone proceeded to tell a story to chicken little.
He said its the Earth changes, it's meant to be, it's climate change, the Oceans are heating up, we must act, the world is going to end, these are the signs as predicted. Chicken little sat quietly as he watched an oily sheen reflect on the water, as an oil soaked fish washed up as they talked.
Chicken little said "No, its not. It's an act of senseless careless, ignorant greed, my heart says so..." The someone looked at him in shock and said "How do you know? You aren't qualified to make such an accusation, you are not a scientist! You have no qualified background to judge, no one will listen to you, your heart can't talk, you know nothing!"
Chicken little looked at a dolphin that had washed up as they talked, coated in oil and chemical toxins, its last look of life fleeting in its eye. He got up and walked over to it, sat down next to it as the dolphin looked into his eyes, Chicken little could see in his mind the dolphins journey, scenes of murky depths, not being able to breathe, the dolphin told chicken little heart to heart the truth.
Chicken little told the someone what he saw.
The someone walked over and laughed and said "Dolphins can't talk! Your imagining it. You need to see a doctor, your paranoid now, there is something wrong with you."
Up washed a whale, dead, eyes hallowed. Oil flowing out of her mouth. Chicken little walked over to the whale and placed his hands on her body. He could feel her life, see her journey. Chicken little told the someone what he felt.
The someone said "That is impossible. You can not lay your hands on anything and feel anything, that is witchcraft, devils work. You walk on the dark side."
Chicken little said a prayer for the animals. Then he began to cry out into the wind "The oil is not gone! The oil is not gone!"
The someone hit him over the head with a rock, killing chicken little dead.

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dead fish all over the east coast, lack of oxygen from gulf disaster


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PHd students not allowed to take samples

Some say it is all part of the whole, which of course it is. Some say this is negative thinking, to that I say, without your shadow you do not exist. Some get lost in the ether explaining it away as they eat their lotuses in their luxurious lounges, not directly effected so the moment becomes a pristine debatable philosophical golden nugget to prove their spiritual atonement, while telling others anything less is unworthy, their ego, and/or a sign of their spiritual immaturity. To the lotus eaters I say go out into the world and walk your talk. Many will laugh and refuse to get off their satin cushions.

We have long lived in a world of make believe. Pretending away our responsibility and accountability. Pretending we are powerless people, with no sense of vision, unless it is to live within the rules and boundaries of that make believe world. The make believe world is dying, and the reality of it is becoming clear. The dream is fading into the ether. Left in its wake will be the truth of our actions, no longer able to hide within us, or in the world as we perceive it. The same happens to us when we are faced with our own consequences of our choices, actions, and effects in the world according to our own belief systems. The conditions of the world are not just up for philosophical musings, it is time for truth in all of its stark and hard to swallow realities.

If you can turn away from the death then you are refusing to face your own. This will follow you wherever you go. We stand as witnesses to the loss of life now happening on a mass scale within our Oceans, and to do anything less then to pray, honor, and acknowledge that is to dishonor your own life.

Some say that in acknowledging the darker side of this make believe world fading, is to enhance it, to make it stronger, to lower your vibration. To that I say all vibrations are relevant teachers. You have to know how to navigate through them so you to can heal. If you refuse anything based on a judgment of it not being worthy or good enough or dark and negative, you feed it your energy and power. By refusing to see, hear, smell, taste, the truth within what it has to offer.

Some will distract themselves at all costs to avoid the truth of the make believe world. They will succeed only for a short time. In the end, it must and will be faced. You are living on borrowed time.

Some say the world is ending, 2012 is coming as they scatter their fear stories everywhere, spreading them like the latest fashionable virus. To them I say yes a world is ending, the make believe one we have been living in for far to long now.

Death is a part of life. Your feelings about it color the experience of it. To be conscious of the death process is to be conscious of the life process. To acknowledge the grief is to honor sadness as a teacher. To feel it, clears the body of stagnant emotions. In grieving we clear blocks that go back eons. As the Earth heals, so do we, and vice versa. As a part of her dies, so too does a part of us. The parts that no longer hold balance, parts of the make believe world.

In the bigger picture it is all relevant.
To open your eyes to see it happening, is your choice.

Love, Hillary

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