Thursday, July 1, 2010

Musings of Anger, The New Black

Coming up from the depths it stirs, like a vortex of growing tangible delight. Bumping into every piece of me that tries to stop it. Friction created in the causeways of my own inner temple. Flooded barriers of protective stances.

Faces merge into one entity. All screaming the same tone. Inner hatred purged on shores of safe perceptions. Sticking to life and depleting hope. Destroying what grows so change can never come. Sabotaging wellness and transformation, aborting completeness and over grown amounts of love. No longer wanted by inhabitants of the higher planes.

An angel kicked out of heaven for feeling weakness. Projected themes of loneliness and incompleteness. Watching as the higher glow of love fades in the sky like a dying sunset, revealing darkness.

Anger brews like a witches feast. Revenge screams for the same pain returned. Shame builds for feeling lost. Life sighs. The glimmer that was there mirages true sight. Light & love sucked out like a vampire, to continue ones glaze of imagined superiority. Declarations of rightfulness, being one, higher learnings handed out like treats. Only to those of fancy deservings.

Reality wakes one to the brutal life & death plight. Nature in all its wonder and beauty realizes the stark neutrality of indifference. Each of us floats in a daze of imagined light while in the womb of our deepest darkness.

Unfair justice rings the bells of enlightenment. One persons willingness to be honest is another persons worse nightmare. A heart never breaks even.

Riddles, musings and mold eat at the truth of the heart. One persons pain, is anothers transformation.

The shadow dances round the fire, speaking of times buried deep. Moments of vulnerability and raw opened girth. Your own woundage lies there as carcass for scavengers to feed on. Shaman death transforms the screaming hopes and regrets never seen manifest.

Down to the bone, the old woman lives. Wise with old ages past.

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