Thursday, July 1, 2010

Butterfly Elixirs, Still ponds, and a Wolf in the Hen House

Messages from the Faraway <3

You were in water…..probably a lake… were wearing a peach colored turtle neck T-shirt that was sleeveless… I was looking at your profile from the back as you were looking to my right… your long blond hair flowing down on the left… I remember you looking very beautiful…then you just slipped under the water very gently.

Then I was sitting at an event…in fold out chairs in rows… you and a gentleman (could not identify him) came in and sat in front of me a couple seats over to my left… you were wearing a denim like skirt and jacket and you were crying. I went up and sat in the empty seat next to you… asked you if I could do anything for you… you very clearly said, Yes. You gave me the names of two people (I can not recall the names) and told me to ask them for a “butterfly elixir”......

Then there was a voice that said, “there’s a wolf in the hen house”!

Every now and then we have a powerful dream. One that makes us reach out over long distances to contact those in it to pass it on. The timing is divine, guides helping guides, mysteries reaching beyond rational places, opening doors to unknown realms within to assist the world and you in ways larger than ever imagined.

What a beautiful feeling.

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