Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heart Morality.....A Lost Art

Floating in the ether lies a beautiful dream. One we as humans have forgotten.

The lost key held within, opens a door to the place where the space of the beloved resides. It is a sacred space and when you live here the world becomes a safe haven from the acid like events that corrode your spirit and the human condition.

The heart morality that we are all born with has been forgotten. Locked away deep in a secret chamber not in some forgotten ruin on some foreign land, but within.

Have you ever watched something on the world stage and had a gut feeling something wasn't quite right? That there was more to this story than what you were being told?

That voice is your intuition. An ancient setting inside your biological system attuned and aligned with the psychic energy woven within the entire biological system of the UNIVERSE. It is your true communication signal.

The voice speaks up when the truth that is available in this conscious ether network, which is BTW the very first wireless network, is being communicated through the one mind, the collective consciousness.

The LOUDER that signal gets, the stronger our intuitive voice becomes. It is a system trying to get our attention to give us the truth of the energetics at play. Regardless of the politics behind ANYTHING, there is an energetic signature to ALL thought and emotion that gets communicated across this psychic network between ALL living matter.

Many religions and philosophies have named and described this ....what I am suggesting is a modern day angle on this ancient happening because in the modern day, many of us have let this VITAL wiring system become outdated. MEANING we rarely use it.

Whatever the theories behind the why's really aren't the point of this here. Conspiracies happen everyday we stop listening to our heart and intuition. Plots happen when the morality of the heart is tainted or distinguished. Big business has become the way of the world because on some level we have all let it.

The whisperings of the wrong doings by people who are trying to come to the world platforms, who are trying to get others to listen, are like the whispers of the intuition that try to come through all the mind pollution, chatter and clutter we have accumulated over centuries of corrupted heart morality.

Can we hear our own hearts anymore?

The heart speaks to you in ways that sometimes does not make RATIONAL sense, although REASON has a proper place that goes together closely with COMMON SENSE.

Heart morality has no political perspective, no religious affiliation, no boundaries of philosophical thought and musing. Heart morality is the main conductor of our intuition that is hardwired into the psychic energy of everything. Plainly put, it just does the right thing. It makes you care when caring is appropriate. It makes you love when you feel love. It makes you sad when crying is appropriate. It is what makes us human. It IS our connection to each other.

The moral obligation of our heart is to listen to the voice of our intuition that is broadcasting directly through it. The power must be TURNED UP AND/OR BACK ON.

What is the right thing to do now?

Psychically on the ether network we are hearing the biological CALL to wake up, listen and act. Does the thought of action scare you? Do you suddenly hear the voice in your HEAD say 'what will everyone think of me? I don't want to get in trouble!' .... Does the thought of ACTION make you angry? Does the voice in your HEAD say things like 'Anger won't do anything'... What is the tape playing in your HEAD?

The HEAD is a redirected wire system that has BYPASSED the heart. The very place where we DISCERN truth energetically, psychically - which by the way, we ALL ARE!

The HEART is where our connection to everything lives. If that system has been disabled and is now surrounded by a firewall, you have to take action to reprogram it.

HOW? by making the decision that your heart morality is in charge of the rest of the system. That the HEAD is to be DETHRONED of its dictatorship-like relationship with your body, mind, spirit.

If you change, the SYSTEM changes. Start WITHIN.
LOOK, LISTEN, ACT. This is the process of balanced male/female energy.

The heart is the womb of reason.

The Heart is how you will discern the truth in the sea of lies and disinformation.

The Heart is where you will hear the voice of all nations. Including the Earth. Her message is there broadcasting like a video on YouTube. Download-able only through the heart whose linked to the morality of a higher place. Do not lose that statement in translation. It is not about whose God is right or better, it is about the very workings of the world without labels, names or theories.

We are all EXPERTS on how to do this. We have just forgotten it is a system already within us. There is no outside TOOL needed to turn it on. The only maintenance needed is trust, expression of your own truth and responsible action based on this.

If we approached LIFE with our HEART systems in tact we could handle crisis, discern truth, rally others who are receiving in the same way to change misfortunes. Systems would be override by the safety valve in place.

We are all much like this Oil LEAK. Straight to the point, without passing through the morality of the heart. Like the well dug straight to the bottom without the needed regulations, bypassing the system set up to make it all work with CARE. Which then causes a massive catastrophe within the whole system. Because shortcuts around this morality will always lead to decisions and actions made without the heart. Without the heart we are disconnected from ourselves, and each other. Divided within compartments of competing realities - without heart.

Take away this heart connection, we strip ourselves of a clear channel to the voice of intuition which connects directly to the system of common sense and reason. Intuition has not been taught in schools, and we rarely hear about it growing up. Whatever the reason, we have become disconnected on such a grand scale, that it is now being reflected on the world stage as oil leaks out of the Earth body from a direct line that bypassed the morality of common sense, care and that would not have happened if our corporate leaders had long ago done the same to their own hearts.

So what do we do about it? LOOK, RECONNECT. PLUG the heart system BACK IN! LISTEN. Hear the voice that is your intuition, and then reach out into your world and act. The acting part is our male energy - the doing something about it- the MOVEMENT to the outside - which has become almost completely castrated by a system that has almost completely aborted the female aspect within all systems.

The good news in all of this is that is is not hard to change this in YOU. It may take some practice - like new babies trying to learn to walk- because we have not been taught this. It is new for many people. But the more we do, the more we try, the more everything will change.

We may lose a lot between now and then. But lets learn from all of this, and make this the last time we will need to go through this. Rewire, reconnect, and recharge your heart morality so the voice of intuition and reason, the male and female can remarry and birth a new world vision. One that does not align with old grandfathered in agendas and intentions.

YOU are the missing link. YOUR HEART is the secret chamber, and the worlds mysteries are waiting for you to find them NOW.

by Hillary Raimo
Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved by Author

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