Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Child & The Egg by Hillary Raimo

Down in the depths the little boy dove. The light streaming through the blue waters reflected a white object on the ledge of the rocks below. Deeper he swam unafraid of the unknown. His heart innocent and pure he followed his curiosity. He looked at it balanced there submerged. Unsure of what it was he wrapped his fingers carefully around the giant pearl and swam to the surface.

He climbed up the cliff and brought it to the old woman sitting there. His eyes gleamed with the light of a child, the world still anew, and filled with endless possibilities. His heart unafraid.

The old woman looked at the strange round object. It was an egg. A turtles egg.

The young boy sat down next to the old woman. She began to tell a strange story of a time ahead.

Soon the days will change. There is a new vision being born by our children. Minds are opening, and hearts are healing. Each new birth slowly replaces the sleepwalkers. Each new soul coming here has found its way into this world from the unknown edges of the Multiverse. Being called here by the Earth herself. Like you child, each one will find a gift waiting for them to unlock the keys within them. That gift sits and shines, mysteriously appearing at just the right time.

The woman looked at the egg, now drying in the warm Sun. A strange pattern began to appear. A line emerged around it like a snake winding its way around a rock. She watched it as the sign became clear. A dent appeared and began to increase. The Earth is shifting she said. The boy leaned in closer to listen. The new vision is being birthed now. Her pale eyes looked deeply into his. In her eyes stars began to swirl, and the wind began to swirl around them as they sat there.

Look up at the sun child. It is your star. It is your location within a grand place. The coordinates of your current soul journey. You have been in other places, and have come here like the rest to be warriors of a new world. Dream child, dream. The Turtle has waited for you to find her. Her life was meant for this message.

This egg is a calling card from the Dreamtime.

The boy looked at it as she gently placed it in his small hand. He held it to his heart. The old woman looked at him and told him it is now time to think from here. Your heart. The new vision comes from here, and here only.

With those words, she disappeared. The young boy walked over to a tree and buried the egg at the base of its trunk. A small tear slid down his cheek as he prayed feelings from his heart.

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