Friday, June 4, 2010

Caron Goode's Amazing New Book: Kids Who See Ghosts!

Today, I have the pleasure of being the 10th blog stop on Dr. Caron Goode’s blog tour for an amazing book, Kids Who See Ghosts. If you missed yesterday’s blog stop, check out to understand why kids who see ghosts is a hush-hush topic. I think it is a hot topic. What about you?

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When Dr. Goode was interviewing me for the book, Kids Who See Ghosts, guide them through fear, I had a synchronous personal experience with my youngest son. One night we were driving to pick up our takeout food, and out of the blue he says he sees ghosts. Michael had never said anything before.

He looked at me sideways to see what my response was, and when he realized I was calm and curious, he continued. I asked him how long this had been happening and how they appeared to him. He explained that he sees shadow ghosts and light ghosts. The shadowy ones scare him, and he sees them mostly before he goes to sleep. Recently, like me, Michael began sleep- ing with an eye mask, and when he does, they do not seem to be able to “pull him” as much, as he put it.

I asked him why he hadn’t told me before, and he said he didn’t think I’d believe him. It goes to show, no matter how much we think our kids understand they can talk to us, for whatever reason, they may not. Considering the work I do professionally as an intuitive, it was no surprise my son was having these experiences, but it was surprising that he wasn’t speaking about them. In fact, Michael never said much about experiencing anything along the lines of the paranormal or psychic worlds. So when he decided that night to discuss it with me, I was surprised, but also very pleased.

When children have scary night experiences or drams, one of the ways I suggest parents help their kids is to talk about bringing angels in. Most of us grew up with saying our prayers before bed. Setting the intention for a blessed and sacred space to fall asleep in creates a protective web around us in that precious state between waking and sleeping, when most ghosts are able to make contact. It also protects us in our dreaming.

Make it fun, and tell your child they can call in their favorite angel before they go to bed. This sets the intention for a protective space. Dream guides work with us in our actual dreaming state, and angels can certainly be among of those dream guides.

To continue the blog tour on stop twelve, please visit to understand why children see ghosts and to discuss how parents can empower children through fears.
I hope you are inspired by the interview you read. Be sure to sign up for the book launch reminder so you can buy Kids Who See Ghosts and receive free thousands of dollars of personal development gifts on June 8, 2010. To register, go to: (if you are reading this article after that date, you may buy the book directly from that page).

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