Saturday, June 19, 2010

A New World Vision

There are sleepwalkers in the world, and there are the awake ones. Which are you?

Some are beginning to stir from their long slumber, and as their vision clears what they see may take some time to come into focus, as they try to figure out what they are REALLY seeing.

We are all keepers of a new dream.

We are all the oracles of change.

As we look to the skies for proof of aliens coming to try and save the world, as we bury our noses in texts from long buried civilizations, as we cringe in fear of all the threats in the world coming to get us, as we look closer and closer at the fabrications of our minds that create a myriad of reasons why WE CAN'T do anything about our lives, lies that tell us we have no power, there is a small voice singing from the trees, and the more you tell yourself you are powerless beings who can do nothing but sit back and watch the world fall into the hands of thieves, as we are robbed of our money, time and health. The voice in the trees gets louder....

There is truth inside of you.

An ability to love like you have never imagined possible.

There is a great death happening now. The dance began long ago. We are watching the finale. The truth of our world is becoming clear, and as it does, we are offered even more distractions to keep us from REALLY letting any kind of change in.

Some will bury their heads in the sand and refuse to look at the world they see. Carrying on business as usual.

Some will rise up and speak out. The time is here.

Others are ready to rebuild a new world order, with greed, and corporate power as the newly reinvented Gods.

So many visions await depending on your mood. Which will you choose?

As the Gulf bleeds, our lives bleed, as the animals cry out for help we hear the voice in the trees calling louder. When will we learn? When will we listen?

What will it take for a New World Vision to be born of a higher standard? Where power does not corrupt, where we step out of the competition and race to be better and bigger then everyone else? Where domination is replaced by communication, and love.

We have so many opportunities to love each other, and yet we don't. The human condition can change. But running away is no longer applicable to healing and moving on to rebuild from the ashes.

The ashes are here, what is rebuilt from them depends on the masses.

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