Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fear vs. Love The Ultimate War by Hillary Raimo

How do you sabotage your life? In what ways do you reach out and destroy your own happiness?

Self sabotage is a form of fear. Fear of change, success, failure, commitment.... whatever it is, self sabotage is a way to avoid looking your fears directly in the face and claiming them. Once FEAR has infected your system it begins a speedy campaign of disconnecting our higher senses, selves and awareness. It quickly disables the hard drive where common sense over rides senseless acts of self-hate and cruelty to oneself and others.

The ultimate act of destruction is the fear of love.

Most are OK with various degrees of love. But Love is a vague yet indescribably powerful FEELING that can transform reality as effectively as fear can. Most people live in an INBETWEEN state, somewhere on neutral ground, where they have some sort of peace treaty with fear AND love. Where compromised amounts of both are given permission to live and co-mingle. Creating a bitter-sweet arrangement for all.

So then begins a dance of back and forth-ness that swings like a pendulum... loving - hating- loving - hating. Stirring the peace in a clock-wise fashion of creation that bridges into the world a way of being that keeps one spinning. Never able to focus on engaging fully into the power of either. Therefore, on one hand creating less fear, but also less love in the world.

What would happen if one was to fully activate with love? All degrees. No separation. How would that change you physically? emotionally? spiritually? intellectually? What kind of experience does love REALLY hold?

We have clearly seen the result of fear in our world. HOLDING our vision and energy in a way that captures and attaches to the ever-growing entity. UNLEASHING never-ending repetitive cycles that keep procreating over and over, producing the same kind of offspring that will grow up and create the same kind of dream as those that came before it.

What if LOVE was able to grow to that kind of extent in our world? Allowed and endorsed in the same way as FEAR is. Given the same amount of air-time, headlines, opportunities that fear is given on a daily basis in our world. It would be a twisted sense of fate for fear. TRANSFORMATION.

Could it be that if we were allowed to PUSH ourselves through the comfort zones of how cozy we are with the feelings of being OPEN that we would indeed have to destroy our neutral relationship with fear/love?

In exploring beyond our perceived boundaries of what we do or do not except as REALITY we often become afraid of what we will find in those dusty dirty dark corners of who we REALLY are.
CURIOSITY pushes on through the illusory dangers our minds create to keep us in one place, to keep us in CONTROL. There is a part of us within that is so afraid of dying that it tells a carefully selected story when it feels threatened. Our ingrained security systems are triggered with perceived threats to our COMFORT ZONES. No longer are we pursued by hungry dangerous animals in the darkened woods. Now the 'threat' comes from our own minds. Which are carefully manipulated by this very act of ultimate treason, and supported by the outward world as it is now.

Whatever it is that you RESIST in life, is what you fear. As spinning dreamers your energy will carefully construct wondrous reasons as to why you can not move in your life. You will drink and feast on your own imaginary food, full of your own self-sabotage. Lacking in nourishing life and vital energies. Nourishment that creative acts of love, magic and JOY bring that will sustain you on ALL levels, lifting you IN LOVE towards expanded experiences and new beginnings.

Anything else is satisfying only in your own ability to stay the same. To stay neutral. To not partake in any change.

There is a war in the world. A war between fear and love. Most territories today are owned by fear. Many others are considered neutral and have a balanced amount of both. Therefore taking neither side really and living in a balanced sense of rationality that creates a kind of lack of interest either way.
There are also territories where love has won. If that was not the case, we would have completely self-destructed a long time ago.

How do you love in your life now? Is it expressed genuinely? Passionately? or is it controlling and manipulative? Do you feed off love like a hungry animal who is afraid it will not be feed tomorrow? Or do you TRUST love? Do you OPEN to love? Do you walk through the limits you've achieved already and proudly step into areas of unknown certainty and claim it?

What is YOUR relationship with fear? How do you conquer it?

What is your RELATIONSHIP with love? How do you LIVE it?

The tides of our world are turning red. We are leaking our life force into everything we do. The self inflicted wound reflects outside in the heart of our Oceans. We have become mostly bleeding hearts. The deep dark wounds we hold within can no longer be hidden away deep underground inside us. The pressure is to great for change.

We are being directed today by forces that are asking us to lend ourselves to the army of fear. The recruitment is deceptive, filled with lies and deep seeded beliefs that you are working for the right side. You are the only hope it will tell you. In a sense of false connection it breaks you open so it can close you down.

Love is also recruiting. In ways never before experienced. Newness brings a kind of indestructible force field that rebuilds from the ashes of a broken world. Like a phoenix rising its wings brush against your heart and asks you to to RISE UP. To lift above your lives to see what needs to be transformed.

Transformation begins by facing death. FEAR hopes you will fail and wither away in the battle. That you will self-sabotage your defenses and become your own worse enemy.

LOVE shows you there is no war really. It is just another carefully built sticky web that fear has created to trick you into believing there is no hope, no future, no way out, that all you will ever have is what you are now. Your ego agrees. It has already been recruited. It will spin and lock you into the deep dark tunnel that goes NO WHERE.

Love knows your ego is an illusion. Love knows that control is a faulty setting. Love waits patiently for all of us to remember ourselves and who we really are, so others can remember too. Free you mind, so you can free others.

OPEN your hearts completely so the wound that leaks will be healed. That is what is being asked of us now as a planet. The Earth is reflecting this to us. The reflection in the mirror will be tainted by which side we are on. How you unconditionally love someone will determine which side will win.

The stakes here are you, your energy, and life force. Which will be used to create the world of the winner.

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Melissa said...

absolutely beautiful, poignant and timely sister.