Saturday, May 29, 2010

FEAR the Ultimate PR Spin by Hillary Raimo

"""Be afraid! Be very very afraid!! The world will end in 2012! The terrorist (who are everywhere!) are going to bomb us! Report any suspicious behavior immediately! This person or that person is a ------- (fill in the blank). The world is going mad, insane, the swine flu will destroy us! """

If that does not work, then the damage FEAR does to your body, your energy system, your spirit, and your mind certainly will do you in....and that is the TRUTH.

I am writing a series of articles, mostly for my blog ( and Facebook community on this topic because it has become dire that we as a species understand the affects fear has on our body, minds and spirit. That we understand how fear is used as a matrix to net and capture our energy.

Our energy is our life force. Life force creates the power structure of ANYTHING. The structure is changeable, but only if you understand how it works. This is the ultimate secret. Understanding how that LIFE FORCE creates our current paradigm and how we add to it is the stuff behind the ultimate fear PR spin. It is how our reality SHAPESHIFTS.

Mostly everything in our world today can be compared to a giant PR campaign. We create something and spin it. We are clever spiders spinning webs. Most people even do this unconsciously throughout their everyday activities. Spinning their energy around work, images, friends, social life, relationships ---- what they want others to perceive or not perceive about themselves.

Our online society has created a kind of dynamic that allows for the ultimate in creating and reinventing who we are on a daily basis. Spinning our desires, wants, needs, hopes, actions and so on. Some would call it manifesting. Others would call it manipulation. Both are correct depending on your INTENTION.

What makes a novel or movie great? Usually the ability to be able to capture a persons EMOTIONS. Capturing a human beings emotions is the hook of the fisherman hoping to cast in the entire being. To then be netted in a way that provides a sense of food on some level. In the fishermans case literally. In the novelists case, with the amount of readers and books he/she sells. Either way you look at it energy is harvested.

Perhaps we are a rare find as human beings, having the ability to FEEL. Feelings have a way of capturing and seducing our other senses, causing us to float in a dream offered to us by whoever is spinning.

But when the' ultimate PR firm', who has unlimited resources and understanding spins, the life force that is captured will be dramatic. The world matrix shifts, it becomes altered, and the net will be cast far and wide. If you can control what a person perceives, if you can control the spin offered, then your message, what you are SELLING will be sold, without question, as REALITY.

When I travel outside of the US the newspaper headlines change drastically. You are offered a different view on the world you live in within your country. It is amazing how the webs reflection changes colors. Everyone tells a story about what they see. Everything is spun on a loom of chosen beliefs and colors, ultimately the design given will tell a story of what the spinners wish you to see.

Fear is a rather vague, but extraordinarily powerful emotion, one of our primal ones indeed. Rooted directly in our most basic beginnings. Hard wired into our systems as a preordained ability to stay safe from predators hunting us down for food. We would still be using this biological security system this way if we were lower on the physical food chain now. But what about energetically? Where do we stand on the energetic food chain? That raises the question what do we produce when we are in altered states of feeling? The answer is life force. The quality of that life force will be determined by the emotion. The outcome of what that life force is used for will be determined by the spinners use of it.

Fear quality life force is used for control. Control of WHAT is up to those spinning.

Love quality life force is used for creation. Creation of what may differ.

All life force energy creates a kind of entity. A collective identity that lives, breathes, and wants to co-create itself.

When one person feels fear a room feels fear. When a family feels afraid, the whole household is afraid. When a community feels fear, the entire city will be afraid. When a country feels fear, the whole world becomes afraid. When a whole planet is full of fear, the Multiverse is rippled with fear....and the entity of fear becomes more and more powerful with every waking moment...and so get the picture.

You can not have love if you have fear. You can not have fear if you have love.

If you are asleep you give your life force willingly to those who know how to spin. If you are awake it is impossible for you to be manipulated and controlled. You are no longer contributing to the product producing reality frame. You are creating your own.

Our fear security systems have been re-wired. They have been set to the THOUGHT of threat. Yes actions have been done, events have happened and there is darkness in the world. But the fear of the not knowing what MIGHT happen is the current PR spin crippling our world.

So like any product being delivered down the consumerism factory line, look at the packaging, what slogans are being used, how do you find yourself FEELING about the product. Then figure out if you are BUYING into it, or if you can put it back down and walk away without any attachment.

Seeing through a carefully constructed advertising campaign IS seeing through the carefully constructed reality frame that is being offered to us as truth. When in REALITY truth is something we can only find within. That is where the life force lives, and only you control where that is directed. But first you have to WAKE UP.

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