Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fear is the Ultimate Virus Targeting Higher Consciousness

There are daily doses of fear being given on a regular basis, especially right now, by many sources. It is getting more and more intense because FEAR is the only way to divide and control. So when ANYONE creates fear, the confusion that follows divides and separates. Most disinformational agendas come from those who either ARE in fear, or are PURPOSELY trying to create fear consciously.

Be afraid of this, that, FB, others, groups, beliefs, energy, entities, terrorists etc etc etc....the list goes on and on. The affects ripple outward in a myriad of ways. But what is does NOT do is free you.

FREEDOM comes from knowing yourself. Knowing how to center yourself, how to ground yourself, and knowing who you are, what belongs to you and what doesnt, what is others projections of their own stuff. When to engage, and when to disengage.

TRUTH matters only when it is your own, and not implanted by others. Many people do not even know where their beliefs come from, or how they came to believing them. Looking at YOURSELF takes you into the inside of yourself. Where the only truth that matters lies.

Freedom comes not from exposing all the wrong in the world, but from knowing how to look at it from your own point of view that has been carefully designed by YOU, not others.

Seek out your own truth. Know yourself and move out into the world from there. Wading through yourself is the only way to really wade through the reality constructions set up by others.

If you can not center yourself, your a floating boat at sea and you will not direct your course, the changing tides will. The tides that be hope you will be so laid back that you will simply fall asleep and let them do the steering.

This does not mean you AVOID looking at darker aspects of yourself, or the world. It does NOT mean you do not share what is happening with others. Just be clear and certain what your intention is, and how you present the material. Sharing information does not make others believe anything. They can make up their own minds about what they read, or watch. They can CHOOSE to delete it, ignore it, read it, pass it on.... You can still be a beacon of light in a dark room. But be aware that your intention, how well you can center yourself, and how well you can ground your energy, will definitely affect what is drawn to that light and will determine what will gather around it.

If you find yourself in a tailspin around certain events, and you find your energy being depleted, this is a sure sign that fear has entered your system. When fear has entered someone elses system, you will see the same kind of behavior begin to surface. They will be scattered, unfocused, uncertain, paranoid, unable to make decisions and will have various degrees of ungroundedness.

Use it as a chance to learn more about yourself. The most common response is to separate yourself from others, but this makes it worse in many cases. However sometimes being alone to regroup is the best way to recenter. Discern the difference.

Regrouping into something that feeds you love, positive energy, makes you move physically, watch what your eating, how are you taking care of yourself? Do whatever you have to do bring yourself back to your center.

Then when you approach the subject matter again, you will have a different experience with it because you are not coming from a place of fear, but of centered self-empowerment.

Remember CONFUSION creates fear. MISINFORMATION creates confusion. The more people that jump on board, the bigger the fear cloud.

Don't get caught in the storm.

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