Saturday, April 17, 2010

Global Dreams of Erupting Divine Feminine Consciousness

My senses have been seduced.

I have been watching the eruption of the Iceland volcano. It was a force I mentioned during its first eruption in my March Spring Equinox event/post. I was called to it as a symbol of the emerging divine feminine consciousness in the world now, and how symbolic it was that it was fire coming through the long frozen landscape which often reflects a woman's emotional life. The wild primal force that erupts eventually.

What perfect timing. The fact that it has cut off Europe and the rest of the world from its usual grind, makes me think of the usual dream being interrupted by a new thought, a new energy, and new force.

People are beginning to wake up as dreamers of their own dream. No longer lending energy to someone elses dream, but reclaiming their own. In order to do that they have to raise their vibration, and reclaim their lost fragments of self.

This emerging energy that is now awakening on the planet in ways never thought of before, it is a reflection of the awakening of our species.

The events may seem to be unrelated. But everything is connected, very deeply, and the planet we live on is responding to the energies within each and every one of us.
As we all begin to understand what it means to live in ways that do not harm one another, that honor each other, and as we ask each other to lay down our weapons of hate, and in turn lift up our faces to the light that we hold in each other, the world responds.

The STOP that has happened in Europe, planes being grounded, no travel between the major cities, and as we stop to listen, to see the reality of false illusions that have seemed reality for centuries, the planet will now begin to mirror us in huge ways.

Stepping back a notch, how do you express your emotions? Are they buried under ice, and frozen in time? Making you relive the same events over and over, or do they seep up to the top every now and then getting through the cold tundra of our facades.

Do you try to reach out and make allies so you don't feel alone? Do you suck energy from others so you can justify your life and actions?

The questions are getting harder now, because we are in it. The bursting of our emotional life, opens the flood gates to let out what we can no longer carry so we are then able to flow with the changing times.

Its time to step it up a notch. Its time to look around your life, and see what no longer lends life force to what and who you are. Let go of past hurts for good, and move on.

The bursting of the gates is happening now, we are watching it unfold before our eyes. So work with it, and let it teach you. Let the Earth be your teacher now, and listen to what she is trying to tell you. Watch the events, and seek out the mirror for your own body, your multi-dimensional faces. What is it reflecting?

The key is to move past the archetypes, into the world of interdimensional reality. The archetypes will keep you associated with aspects of the human drama. It is about moving past this drama, the same old stories, into the realm of new dreaming.

The volcano is the birth canal. The lava is her water broken and mixed with her blood. What comes down the canal is up to what you dream. It shape shifts as it moves from the deep womb in the Earth. Each moment taking form according to our consciousness and where it is at in each moment. The collective mind has impregnated her with new life. That life will be determined by what we think and how well we feel.

There is no doubt in my mind that this volcano will not be like the others that have erupted. It started on the Spring Equinox, the beginning of a new time, new life, and the intentions that were set around the world, was for change.

The birthing process has begun.... what comes is up to you.

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