Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Winter Solstice Chamber

Windows to other worlds open at certain times of perspective. Quiet inner worlds await. Out one afternoon to do a site visit, and research on a new book. I was taken to a site that has completely seduced me. It was love at first sight, and nothing can describe in words the overwhelming emotion that was stirred within me when I came within range of it.

The area was flooded from recent rains, and a light drizzle was still coming down from the earlier storm. The sky was gray, and yet the still sleeping forest, seemed to be glowing with life.

There it was. Staring me right in the face. Shaped like an eye, water leaked from the doorway. It looked like a womb whose water had broke. A turtle who was releasing the sea.

It took my breath away. I was not prepared for the simple beauty of the place. The profound presence. It anchored the entire area in a powerful statement.

I walked inside, and there was water covering most of the floor of the chamber. It didnt matter. I walked through it, and felt myself enter a new world. The sheer power of emotion that flooded me was indescribably overwhelming.

I felt like I had finally come home.
I have seen some incredible places in my life, and have been very fortunate to experience some of the worlds most mysterious and amazing wonders. But here of all places, I felt a raw and wild untapped energy surging through the walls like never before.

I sat against the back wall, and asked everyone if I could be alone in here. I watched the doorway. A profound sense of calm came over me. A deep connection to the Earth. Then I saw it.

There it was. a reflection in the water of the doorway and inner chamber. It opened up in the floor. As I shifted my perspective, I was looking down into another room. If I allowed my consciousness to go any further it wouldve left my body completely and gone into the tunnels underground. I knew they were there, I could see them, feel them and with my body-mind follow them. It was the underworld.

I felt no fear, only a deep sense of wonder and love. I could sense another consciousness there, perhaps a few, looking back. As I saw the door, they saw it too. My assemblage point shifted, and I felt my energy body pull out of my physical body and begin to descend.

I was dreaming awake.

One of my fellow explorers came in and startled me out of my journey. I told her to come sit by me and look. She did and I showed her the reflection on the floor. We sat there for sometime just watching it.

It was a double world. Another place, a parallel dimension. I recalled the feeling of my consciousness being pulled down there. The feeling of others there, of places unexplored, going deep into the Earth. I knew this was a way in.

Once again I found myself alone inside. I began to speak to the spirits of place, which were so tangible, I could feel them. They were all around me. The temperature changed, I began to get dizzy and opened up to them. I felt a presence there. Something trying to touch me. Looking at me as I felt it.

The boundaries between worlds were crossing, and blurred. No longer was there a veil, it had been lifted. There was a moment of meeting of the minds. A deep shift and understanding took place. I turned and rested my forehead against the back wall, and tears slid down my check. The experience was indescribable and it will never be something I can explain in words. I could've laid down and gone to sleep on the rock floor and dreamt of other worlds.

This place was built for the winter solstice. On the 21st of December the sun illuminates the back wall, and Im convinced opens a doorway between our world and somewhere else.

It was the New Moon during my experience, the Spring Equinox in only a few days. The energies were intense and very potent.

I can close my eyes now and see the underground chamber, feel my assemblage point shift and my consciousness leave, just by imagining what I saw. When the time is right, I will go.

It sits there deep in the woods waiting. Disguised well and the doorway is only seen from certain angles. One has to be conscious to see it, looking and focused. Otherwise it shapeshifts back into a hill, unseen and unnoticed.

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