Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Equinox Balancing Male & Female Energy

This past Sunday I held my annual Spring Equinox Retreat in the heart of the Catskill Mountains. A magical group of women joined me in celebrating our renewed vision of rebirth at the time of year the Earth herself supports the energy of regrowth and awakening from the Winters long slumber.

We created life and death arrows, symbolizing the energies we are ready to recycle back into the Earth, so we can reclaim new intentions, and acts of power into and through the coming year.

We visualized our inner volcanoes erupting a new feminine divine consciousness into the world. Breathing alive the frozen dormant life most women live. There is an changing of the guards going on energetically in the world. Indigenous cultures around the world recognize this as an emerging feminine energy coming into our world which is part of what 2012 is all about.

During the day on Sunday a volcano erupted in Southern Iceland. A tear in the frozen ice sheets, as fire and lava flowed outward onto the Earth. An affirmation that the work we do is reflected out into the world in mysterious and powerful ways.

The expansion of consciousness that is happening on the planet is also happening to the Earth. As we change the Earth changes, and vice versa. It is all intimately connected. We gathered in a sacred and powerful circle, lending our prayers, and energy back to the Earth. Giving back, and sharing in the potent and powerful beauty we all hold together.

Women hold a very special energy that the world is in need of now. All women are pregnant right now ready to give birth to a new world. The balance of power is changing, and as each woman grasps and fuels her own life force, and feeds her inner fires, it will have no choice but to emerge out of her frozen and long dormant sleep.

Most women suffer from a collective wounding in their consciousness from the inquisition. Where holding up their true power got them burned at the stake. This is also apparent in humanity's collective consciousness of Earth changes that led to catastrophes which wiped out a highly evolved civilization eons ago, which is being stirred up now with all the talk of world wide catastrophe with the approaching 2012. Our psyches are connected, and what one feels we all feel. Our emotional lives have been dormant and suppressed for centuries. We are all feeling the movement deep within ourselves, as our inner life force, our blood begins to stir and awaken and come to the surface through the fissures in our consciousness.

Our genetic memory is being stirred, and we are awakening and remembering who we really are. As we HEAL and move through those FEELINGS we expand and move past our previous boundaries of limited perspective and ways of living.

The power of who we are is beyond anything we could imagine, because it is limitLESS. It goes beyond just realizing life is an illusion. That nothing really exists. You reach that point yes, but then you must come back to EARTH, and ground yourself, and realize that you are here for a PURPOSE. That you have something to share with others, that in your oneness, in your connectedness, you have a gift to offer.

Women have been asleep for a long time. They are the dreamers of the world. Their power has been masked in the patriarchal energies of our present world. Now the question of what divine feminine consciousness IS will begin to stir the hearts of all the female energy on the planet. We as women are changing, and as we do, the Earth changes. As we remember who we are, the Earth does too. As we shift and change so to does the planet.

There has been a theme of uselessness, of waste, consumption, of taking and never giving back, of being for ourselves, in an idea of separatism that has no use anymore. Take a look at how our women have been treated worldwide, and you will see how we treat our planet. If you want TRUE change, you have to heal the way the women are treated, and respected.

The concept of Sisterhood is being reborn. There is a great movement taking place now as the energies change. Which came first is irrelevant. They are one. This Spring equinox a statement was made to the Universe. That women all over our planet will awaken, and reclaim their power.

Men hold an interesting role in all of this. They are a vital ingredient to the balancing of energies going on right now through the gateway of 2012 and beyond. They are the guardians of the dreaming women do. Without their help womens dreams are only half-born. The balanced combined male-female energies are what will heal our planet, our countries, our communities, our families and ourselves. The dance has to change between the two. As women wake up and transform, men will have too change and transform as well. Take a look at the male/female relationships in any culture, and you will see a reflection of the collective male/female energies at work in our 3D world at any given time.

It is my intent at this Spring Equinox 2010, that women will wake up, reclaim and rebirth themselves as an expanded consciousness, and men will join them in a grounded, supportive way that allows the cycle of life to continue.

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