Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Equinox at Gungywamp

We headed to the Gungywamp chamber site in Connecticut over this past weekend. This site aligns with the Spring Equinox light in a very special and powerful way. As Spirit would have it, we arrived 20 minutes too late to meet the group we were to tour the site with. Gungywamp is on private land so only guided tours are allowed in. We found the place where everyone parked, but because this place is on private land there are no signs or trail markers so we had no idea where to go. We looked around and saw an entrance into the woods that seemed quite obvious, so in we went.

It was about 45 minutes to an hour or so into the woods we realized we were not headed in the right direction, as there had been no sign of a group anywhere. We did enjoy the area, and we watched as a red tailed hawk glided over us seeming to ask us to follow. So we followed.

After some time exploring the area, and outcrops of rock, we found ourselves on a high ledge. We all felt a highly charged energy there. Then out of the trees the hawk appeared again, and we followed it down the trail a few yards more and we found an incredible site. There were red tailed hawk feathers scattered everywhere. We were in awe of them. The bird had obviously been killed by some four legged predator as there were nothing but feathers left, however most of them were in pristine condition.

We gathered some in a way that honored the giveaway, and circle of life. It was as if we were purposefully led to this place for this reason alone.

After we had our feathers, said a prayer to the spirits of place we headed back to the trail where our cars were parked. Two hours had passed, and we accepted the fact that we had not been meant to go with the group and so we would head back and see if we could find someone to ask for directions and head to the site by ourselves.

I thought about my trip to New Mexico in July last year (See my previous post FEATHERS) and how the red tailed hawk feather had eluded me on my climb up the cliffs to the Indian Kivas. How once again the full-circle of life was complete.
I was full. It was a humbling moment and very symbolic to my life and where I am at right now.

Someone finally drove by who lived there and gave us a hint at where to go. The site was on the opposite side of where we had gone. So we made our way over to the area. Every so often we found someone to keep us on the trail, passing along just at the right time when we were a bit unsure of where to go. Such is life! This has been my experience of these chambers here in the Northeast. There is a large force at work with them, and someone ALWAYS shows up to guide us. Apparently that force had other plans for us today. The sun was getting low in the sky, and we were still hopeful we would find it before the sunset.

When we arrived at the chamber, there were a lot of people there. All of them congregating around the Equinox chamber itself. We were at first a bit disappointed because we had driven three hours here, had a side hike into the woods, and had a three hour drive home so we could do my event the next day. So we decided not to claim ourselves part of the group and looked around on our own. No one seemed to even notice.

I didn't feel much here. At first anyway.

We made our way down to where everyone was, someone was photographing the light as it came in through a tiny hole at the back of the chamber with a time lapse camera. People were taking turns going inside. This chamber was unusual because it had a small chamber offset on the right hand side as you walk in. This chamber is what illuminates at sunset on the Spring Equinox. You could watch the light travel across the wall.

There was a stream of light coming from a small hole in the back of the chamber. Everyone was waiting for the light to move across the wall into the chamber. Suddenly the tour leader of the large group announced it was time for everyone to leave.

They cleared out, and it was just the three of us, and one man who was photographing the inside of the chamber. Now we had the place all to ourselves. Now I could feel the magic creeping in, starting to see clearly the orchestrated energy at work, I wondered what was going to happen now. Obviously things had gone this way for a reason.

I began to talk to the gentleman who was photographing the light event. Turned out he was a Yale Professor and has done research on these sites for years. He pulled out a laptop and showed us a power point presentation of his work. He had been chasing the symbols found here back to Jesus and his disciples. His work focused on the Christos symbol and the old Irish monk language, Ogam. I was astounded.

He was familiar with some of the older researchers of the chambers in the Northeast area, which my friend Barbara Hand Clow worked with back in the 1960's! I recognized some of the names in the unpublished manuscript he happened to have with him in his bag and shared with us briefly.

He also informed us that the group that had just left had their timing off, and they were here an hour earlier than the light was expected to hit the illuminated chamber, and so therefore missed it. We however were right on time for it! He walked into the chamber and gathered some dried leaves, put them in a pile and started a fire. He said the light coming thru the back hole was meant to be seen as a column.

I walked in and sure enough the light illuminated the small side chamber, and lit up the room inside. Like a doorway. It was then I noticed a dozen or so large spiders streaming down their silk cords running away from the smoke. I quickly left and joined the others outside.

Our new guide then offered to take us around the rest of the site. So we now had a Yale professor who had studied these places for years, and was an expert on most of the archaeological research done here, leading the way. We didn't miss the light show after all, but were right on time for it, and because of the timing were able to see the column as it was meant to be seen by those who built it. We had found our hawk feathers because we trusted our instinct and hearts, and followed the signs. We were forced to give up our expectations and let go of what we thought should happen, and surrender to the higher powers that be.

So far these chambers have had a magical and mysterious effect on my life, and those who have accompanied me in exploring them.

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leela said...

thank you for sharing your journeys at gungywamp...
i was mesmerized and felt i was right there experiencing the wonders of the chambers and the mystery of spirit...