Monday, March 1, 2010

Quantum Pulse Session

Today I had a Quantum Pulse session. I was excited to meet the woman who had this machine, as owning one will run you about 18,000. I was curious. I have to say, I felt a definate change to the air after our 2 minute session. There was a heat, but not an electrical heat feel. There were three of us in the room at the time, each of us experienced it a bit differently, which I was told would be expected.

I felt a bit spacey afterwards. But since then havent felt much. I was told it should be done 1x a week to start no more than 2 minutes per session, and eventually one can build up to 3x a week up to 5 minute sessions. I understand the science behind the machine, and it is well worth looking into.

I have been experimenting with Slim Spurlings Light Life tools over the past month. I have had some interesting experiences. I wil be sharing these experiences over the next few months as I begin to incorporate them into my sessions with clients and my own personal work.

Alternative technology has become a subject of interest for me. I look forward to reporting the effects I feel with them here with all of you.

Love & Light

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