Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Moon Spring Equinox

There is a definite charge in the air right now. The energy is so intense right now, its like the settled mud at the bottom of a still pond is being stirred up and the water is murky. This causes us to take another look at the issues in our lives that we have been going through right now, and how it relates to old wounds.

ANYTHING that is coming up right now that you have any kind of mental or emotional response too, is part of a second wave of healing.

What is in your face right now? What are you projecting into your reality? How are YOU creating your reality right now?

It is so much easier to blame others, and look at life through the eyes of a victim. To set yourself up to be right back in the center of your wounds. It is much more challenging for people to own their own role in life, and how they contribute to all circumstances in their own lives.

This time of year has a special potent mixture of ingredients, to stir the pot, and bring up things we still need to heal, so we can finally move that old outdated energy out of our life for good and move on!

Where are you thoughts going these days? That is where your energy is going. Wherever your energy goes, it creates the reality of it. It manifests directly from the thought energy we give it. Charge it with emotional energy and you have a whopping feast for the manifestation to gorge on and grow from. Whether it is negative or positive, will be determined by YOU!

By not being conscious you are creating without focus. Without intention, you are writing a blank check to the universe and saying spend as much as you want, I don't care where anything goes. So every thought and feeling you have will be drawn against that blank check. Again positive, or negative. The Universe is indifferent to how you spend your thoughts, because it will create from whatever energy you put out.

Many people do not even know what they want in their lives. They couldn't tell you. There answers are vague and indirect. They know what they do NOT want, and so they focus most of their energy on that, and so if you do not know what you WANT, you will not move forward from the place you stand now.

The Spring Equinox energies provide a basket for you to put your prayers and intention into to help nurture it to life. Aligning with the Earth energies, and astronomical events is an ancient practice that surpasses religious beliefs. This article is not about proving this theory, so research it out yourself.

Set your intent for the coming year. The Spring Equinox is the balance point between light and dark. Your shadow and your light hold an equal, neutral space, and therefore the conscious intention that comes from your mind, and heart will be birthed in a very powerful way.

A few weeks ago while packing for a trip, I found a folded piece of paper tucked away in a small pouch in the bag. It was a prayer I had written on a piece of paper inside the great pyramid in Egypt on the Spring Equinox last year. I re-read it and everything I had written on the paper had come true. It had all manifested. In some expected, and not so expected ways.

This is the way it is. When you create and set your intention, meaning claiming what you WILL do for the next year, not a wish list, but an action list, as to HOW you are going to do this. What actions you take to create will make it happen.

Make a list of the things you want to accomplish this year. Then make a list of the things you will do to help manifest those things. Say a prayer of gratitude and self-love, and thank your guides and guardians and higher power, make it a ceremonial event, and let them go. Know you will move forward into the energy of your statement to the universe, and empower yourself to create it throughout the year.

The Earth & sky energies are here to support our efforts. The only question left then, is what are your efforts going to be??

How are you going to see yourself, and your life? What is your point of view? What needs to go in your life that holds you back? How do you self-sabotage your life?

This is a time to contemplate your shadow and your light, and see how they are both great teachers for healing and empowerment.

Happy Equinox everyone!
Love, Hillary

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