Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Mother Earth Chamber

Next we made our way deeper into the woods of the Catskills. If it weren't for our trusted guide, Lou, we never would have found this gem. Carefully tucked away and only visible from a certain angle, this hobbit-like looking mound disappears before your eyes even within a few feet. Creating a shape shifting effect that plays with your senses. If ever I were in a place that felt like a sand shifting wormhole, this was it.

Its presence was different than the solstice chamber. Each of these chambers so far, has had its own feeling, and it has always been distinctively different. The opening was very small, you had to literally crawl through it. The inside of the chamber was big enough to stand in without any problem. It had a kiva-like effect once inside.

Here I felt a bit hesitant to approach. It was alive, awake and staring right back at you. We all stood there for a moment. Just looking at it. Giant pieces of quartz had lined a kind of walk way leading to the chamber. If you had not known the chamber was here you would've completely missed the white markers.

I went in. Again a wrapping around womb-like effect. But not the same kind of emotional response as I had to the first place. This was different. Hard to explain. As the men talked about the details of construction, I closed my eyes and connected. I had a flash vision of something looking in through the doorway.

The effects of this was interesting. The guys decided to leave the chamber and explore outside. That left me and my assistant Veronica inside. As soon as they left she said she had felt something brush against her in the corner of the chamber a few times. The temperature decreased significantly and we could suddenly see our breath. An effect that had not happened until then.

There had been dozens of paranormal reports in these areas surrounding the chambers.
We were both aware of a presence inside the chamber with us. I began to get very disoriented and dizzy, and felt like the room was spinning. Neither of us felt fear or that whatever had joined us inside was a threat in anyway. It was just distinctively clear there was a presence.

After awhile we both began to feel uneasy and decided it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and left offerings to the spirit of this place.

I was amazed at the difference between the sites. Here I was a visitor however. No sense of curling up and dreaming., I was on a visitors pass, and my time here was limited. I knew it was time to go, so we wrapped it up and left. Once outside I looked back, and again was in awe of the sheer power this place emanated. One quick turn and the chamber disappeared from sight.

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