Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Eternal Light of Egypt

Last night I attended a gallery exhibit in NY with photographer Sarite Sanders, whose book, The Eternal Light of Egypt, captures the landscape of ancient Egyptian temples throughout Egypt using infrared film. The results of these pictures was breathtaking. I was instantly back. Walking among the tall columns, looking into the majestic faces of ancient Gods, and Goddesses. Feeling the warm desert winds caress my face, and feeling as if I had walked back in time, listening to the last remnants of a long almost forgotten way of life.

I could see her passion on her face when she talked about the sites she had worked with. She had visited these temples at dawn, a rare treat. No ordinary tourist can easily do so. The way the light illuminated the temples was captured with her skilled eye.

As I walked around before her lecture began, I fell into her pictures, and was transported back to a place that has become part of me. I remembered why Egypt had called my name as a little girl. For many lifetimes I have been there. Running my hands over the stone. Tracing the engraved symbols with my fingers, and my heart. Whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

Like a lover taken many times, Egypt leaves you wanting more. Yet all you really have to do is close your eyes and you will return. It is that life changing.

I never experienced the temples as a tourist. I was always with people, groups who experienced these places in a deeper, more sacred way.

Last night in NY, I was reminded of my footsteps in the deserts of Egypt. Of how real my experiences were there. Of course I will return again, how can one ever stay away from something they deeply love.

There is something older there. Older then Egypt. Something that came before. You can feel it everywhere you go. They Egyptians were the guardians of this older place, and they honored it throughout their world.

Every time I have gone to Egypt, it has been a rite of passage. Each time an initiation into higher understandings of reality, and self. Words can only describe remnants of feelings so deep, they are at their core indescribable.

There are stories, poems perhaps from the soul that could give some sense of inner worlds that are created after walking through places like these. Egypt holds power, mystery, magic, and a sense of immortality.

It inspires you. It becomes a muse. It takes you beyond this dimension, into another time and place. It is so old, and yet still so present. Here you are fed a different kind of food, food for the soul.

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