Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Space In between

Somewhere there is a long hallway that never ends. Doors on both sides, leading to many places. Doors all the same color of gray, no numbers to count. In a strange world of stories, wild imaginations, vivid dreams, it lies there waiting, the space in between. It is a maze of endless straightness, a ledge of fine line.

Some doors are locked, and others wide open.

Glimpses of worlds unseen, bathed in light and shadow. Through the keyholes, small tastes of pleasure, sight and sound. Senses dance their souls free, in the space between.

In one goes, like a rabbit hole, deep. Serenity here is like sanity, both subject to change.

Glowing faraway, hope illuminates one. Drawn like a moth to a flame, the heart pulls. Choice? maybe. But most likely not yours.

Dreaming awake this space, make it what you will. Use it as a way to explore, bridging worlds. Some would use for their own means, others would become so afraid, all the doors would disappear.

The in between is a mysterious force, subject to laws we know nothing of. Feeling rules, knowing orders, reason is useless. The only map lies within.

Others have come before you. Many have left signs. Breadcrumbs to follow, hopefully not eaten.

Rhyme and reason, twins of duality. Here they simply play.

The child is the old wise one here.

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