Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Sorcerer : A Story of Power

His eyes bore a black light that seemed to come from the bowels of hell. His big smile promised everything, and nothing. His body moved in a way that failed to reveal his intentions, as if purposefully hiding his next move. His skilled ways seduced, and caused most to submit. He was a born actor, always able to convince others of truth he made up. He held many characters in one heart.

All his life he managed to entertain, and charm. Knowing how to find his way in through the back door. Never invited through the front. This suited him. He preferred it.

The fog that surrounded him would mold into anything you wished. He hunted women like he hunted food. Always needing their energy, without it he could not define himself. Standing behind a facade of holy vision, he would claim himself a king. Yet he had yet to truly find his crown.

Being worthy of a throne, was his vision. His dream. Always seeking the ever elusive treasure. He failed to realize the importance of finding the energy he stole from women within himself. Never taught how to truly feed, he sucked on the tit of the Goddess with every women he tangled into his dangerous web. Yet she always had the last laugh, because she knew the truth about him. The reflection in his eyes told stories of sadness, pain, insecurity, and emptiness. No amount of acting could hide the truth.

He lived on the side of a mountain, well hidden from view. The smoke from his house only came out at night. During the heat of day, it stayed empty, like his heart.
His hatred for himself was well hidden underneath the superficial frocks of carefully selected garments. He needed to play the part of a chameleon, or maybe that was his true reflection. His blood ran cold, from all the shadows that lurked under his feet. Following him day in and day out, he ran from them, knowing he would have to face them in the end.

Away from the world he hide. Yet he always stood in the spotlight. A living contradiction. One day the Goddess took pity on him, and gave him a chance to find true love. She sent a woman, skilled in the old ways. Delivered from the river, into the mist, she shape shifted at will. She stalked his energy, and found his home on the mountain. She was a tracker, in all worlds. The veil had been lifted.

He knew she was coming. He had felt her long before the river birthed her. His excitement grew. Finally the power would be his! He knew the challenges that awaited him. She would not be so easily fooled as all the others. If he was good enough, maybe she would teach him the old ways. He knew he would have to go around her, and draw a fine spidery web that would catch the light, so to trick her from seeing the shadows. This would be a difficult hunt. But one well worth the effort. His doubt crept in, like a partial solar eclipse. For a moment, he saw his own death if he failed.

She sat on a boulder in the river, and whispered his name into the wind, in the long forgotten language of the birds. It had begun.

To be continued...

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Ben Winkler said...

great detail, would like to see how the story continues!

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