Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter Dreaming

Magic happens when you open your eyes to see. Letting go of time opens the door to other places. It allows you to step between worlds. Here your soul is rejuvenated with timeless creative energy. Ageless, you are held in a womb of void. Suspended in a place where everything is connected to the same dream. Opening the lens of your inner wisdom, you can track threads of light into others dreams. It is a place of power, and much responsibility. These cracks in reality are carefully guarded by entities who can see through all your illusions to the center of your heart.

The signs reveal themselves only if you are given permission by higher powers to move forward. The signs are unmistakable. Dancing between worlds takes gravity in your body, mind and soul. A solid grounding mixed with the ability to detach from everything. Like going through the neck of the hourglass, you are unable to bring with you your baggage, your beliefs, ego, attachments, and pre-conceived anything. Yet something still gets through, and is aware.

The only prerequisite is to have such a strong bond with your consciousness that you feel it is you, that it is able to go anywhere and what it experiences is real. You will not be able to trick yourself into believing it, it has to BE you, without any sense of separation. Belief means for now you hold on to the thought that this or that may be real. But in merging with the thought it becomes you. There is no separation between your thoughts and what you believe. You have consciously co-created your world. We do this anyway, but most people are unconscious in their ability to do so, and so they find themselves in a state of constant blaming, anger, and feelings of hopelessness that things can not be changed. They forget that within them lies the ability to change the world.

The cosmic doorways, the worm holes are within.

Fear will keep you from finding this place between worlds. Overcome your fear, and you hold the key to unimaginable bliss.


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