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Experiencing Good Vibrations by Deb Snyder

Experiencing Good Vibrations
By Deb Snyder

The world is beginning to comprehend the healing vibration of the Universe, which resonates within all people, places, and things. Incorporating vibration techniques can be done in a myriad of ways; simply follow your intuition as to what might work for your family.
Several of my clients whose children are considered by doctors to be on the “Autism Spectrum” report their kids as having a sensitivity and fondness for vibration in appliances, stones, and specific places on their property. I have found it is best to let children take the lead and support what they are naturally drawn to. One child in particular collected rocks and felt comforted by them. It wasn’t until the mother took a closer look did she realize each rock had bits of quartz embedded somewhere in them. It was then easy to acknowledge her child naturally gravitated toward these healing stones. I have seen similar traits in other children with regard to shells, leaves, shapes, and colors.
My client, Don, not only uses his intuitive energy skills with his children, but also with his father, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Slowly watching his dad deteriorate in awareness and communication abilities at a nursing facility has been painful for Don. Constantly striving to remain connected, he brings in items from home, realizing the energy of certain favorite things stir a reaction from his father and even stimulate conversation about their past. A beloved religious medallion seems to provide the most comfort and healing for them both. Their shared energetic connection, called the Field of Intuitive Harmony, is there for all to explore, regardless to whether you are the parent…or the child. Don demonstrates this beautifully by tapping into the vibrations and honoring the energetic connections with items from he and his father’s life.
Remember, everything has a vibration. Your resonance with an object, person, or thing may offer you a unique opportunity to tap into Divine energy. Here are some suggestions on how you can experience good vibrations:

• Decorate yourself and your home with natural stones and crystals for their beauty and healing properties.
• Use a quartz crystal, tuning fork, or vibrating massager to activate your own or your family’s energy centers.
• Play with rocks! As a family, collect and track your sensitivity to certain stones. Why do you like them? How do they make you feel? Head out on a field trip to a rock museum or a local quarry.
• Go for a walk in the woods to tap into the Earth’s energies. Dowse for water, minerals, or even caves. Make it a fun outing for the whole family.
• When you feel resonance within your body, ask your higher self for more details and expect the answer to come to you. Resonance is often experienced as the lift in our heart, the bounce in our step or even a subtle all over vibration. It is a feeling of deep connectedness.

Deb Snyder, PhD is the author of Intuitive Parenting (Beyond Words 2010) and the creator of the HeartGlow method. She is an inspirational speaker and teacher to groups large and small and offers instruction on intuitive parenting in private sessions, classes and seminars throughout the country. FMI visit

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