Monday, October 19, 2009

Real Life Adventures with an Ordinary Woman

Wow! What a trip.....

I knew this past Spring when I returned from Sedona, after having a powerful lucid dream, I would be traveling to the pyramid site of Teotihuacan in Mexico. In this dream I was standing in the Andes mountains looking down at the place where Machu Picchu should have been. I was originally planning to travel to Peru this Fall for the Fall equinox (Spring Equinox there), and in the dream instead of the city of Machu Picchu, there was the great pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. In the dream I sounded out the name slowly so I would recall it later when I woke. I had seen this pyramid on the Internet before, but I did not know its name.
The dream was so real, when I woke the next morning, I immediately looked up pyramids of Mexico until I saw the correct one, and sure enough the name was as it was in my dream. A confirmation that there was something important here for me, and I needed to pay attention.
On a whim, I cancelled my trip to Peru, and got ready for my trip to Santa Fe with my Apache teacher. I put Mexico on a shelf in the back of my mind to focus on later.
While in Santa Fe, on my own personal retreat and pilgrimage, I met a woman named Arlene, who coordinated the retreat, and we hit it off. The group was so well organized, and I was very impressed with the flow of the trip, having planned trips myself, this is no easy task. I spoke with Arlene about doing trips together, and the partnership we have formed has been rewarding on all levels. I mentioned Mexico, and before I knew it she had a preview trip planned for us to tour the sites, because we plan on taking a group back in September 2010 for the Equinox.
My trip had manifested. Before long flights were booked, and the plans arranged. In less then 6 months after this dream, I would be at the site.
My mind was spinning at how fast things were manifesting, but I know better than to question these things, and I never get too linear about them anymore. I have submitted to a higher power when it comes to these things, long long ago.
A few weeks before I was to leave for Mexico, I was invited to London for the UK premiere of The Path: Afterlife documentary I was filmed in a year ago. I was also invited to attend Tom Campbell's two day event on higher consciousness by the producers and sponsors of the premiere, MBT events. (I have too say a special thank you to Donna and Keith of MBT events for bringing me out and hosting me, I had the time of my life!!! =) At first I was thrilled, and then the reality of traveling so close together with Mexico seemed a bit daunting. A logical response would be to say no, because of that, I said yes. It would not have manifested if it were not meant to be. Now if I could just remember that as I flew home for a mere 10 hours before I switched suitcases, repacked, brushed the dust off, and got on the Trans-Atlantic flight with a mere 8 hours of rest.... I must say, living my dreams now is hard enough on my body, I couldn't imagine doing this when I was retired and in my so called "golden years". My motto is do it now if you can, and you can, you just have to decide too.

The adventures that happened in Mexico and London will be written about in several posts. Each one having its own importance, and each shares an AHA moment for me, mixed with human challenges, and humor. I hope you enjoy to make dinner & help the kids with homework. That is the real adventure ;-)

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