Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saying No and Letting Go

Have you stuck up for yourself lately? How do you do it? With poise and grace? or does anger simmer under the surface and stew until you explode with hidden resentments and attachments? What is your initial reaction when someone crosses your boundaries?

Speaking up when someone treats us badly, or when we fail to voice our opinion when it counts can be a form of leaking energy. We are like a cocoon of energy and when we leak energy it is like the cocoon has a puncture hole in it, and air leaks out. We may know we are deflating but cant quite find the puncture hole. That is how it is when we slowly leak our personal power away on situations, or people in our lives that drain us. When we find the leak, we have to repair it somehow, so it is with leaking energy. Confrontation is very hard for most people. How do we confront those we care about or have to live or work with, without destroying the relationship?
Take a look at the situation carefully before you speak up. Discern what perspective you will come from, that of a victim? or that of a grounded empowered person? Stick to the facts only, do not let yourself puncture the hole wider so more 'air' leaks out! Letting ourselves fall apart emotionally is like ripping the hole open and is very damaging to the cocoon.

So feel the emotions first privately, know why your upset, and own what belongs to you, and then discern what exactly it is about the other person that has triggered your response in the first place. What does this situation or person mirror to you? What is it about them that reflects something about yourself back? Go within first.

Emotions are never to be ignored, and it is crucial they are understood by the one feeling them. The key is to then know how to express them in a way that leaves you feeling empowered because you spoke from your truth. Speaking from your truth is a hard thing to do at first, but the more you get used to doing it, the easier it becomes. Then your boundaries begin to shape up and it is easier to keep them on a daily basis. Strengthening your cocoon of energy around you, so punctures come less easily. You become more protected from psychic attacks, and less likely to drain it away on reckless emotional reactions that can get very messy and leave a trail of destruction in your wake.

As we learn to respect our own emotions, and boundaries, we then begin to learn to respect others, and communication becomes less destructive and more cooperative, allowing greater connection, understanding and healing.

We are then less likely to hold on to simmering anger and resentments that can energetically charge everything we do, our reactions, and allows for us to be triggered more easily. This is not about rolling over and letting go what we know in our intuitions as something we need to speak up on and deal with. In fact, rolling over will just create more resentment, and energetically it builds pressure in our cocoons, and when we get punctured the air/energy will be explosive vs. a slow or gradual leak.

Taking our personal power back from situations that harm our cocoons is one of the most self-loving and self-empowering acts we can do. As we care for our physical bodies, so too should we care for our energy bodies. This holistic multi-dimensional way of looking at ourselves creates greater harmony and peace within ourselves and our surroundings. Knowing when to say no, protects our personal power, and we are then able to let go with no energetic threads keeping us attached to the situation or person triggering the leak in the first place. Look at the situation and/or person as a gift from the Universe that allowed you t he opportunity to strengthen and grow your energy body.

Our energy bodies are out of shape. Realizing we have one, is the first step to rebuilding it.

Today: Imagine yourself standing in a puddle of white light. As you take deep breaths imagine the white light moving up over your body all the way to the top of your heads. I often tell my Reiki students to do this prior to beginning a session with a client to help clear and protect themselves during healing sessions. Once the white light reaches the top of your head, take a deep breath and breathe in the white light, illuminating every cell in your body. Feel this white light around you, feel your cocoon of white light, this is your own personal and sacred space. Now imagine a cord of white light headed straight out of your head towards the sky. Feel energy flowing down into your cocoon filling it with rejuvenated energy. Take what you need, and feel gratitude for yourself. Take this feeling with you throughout the day, and if you feel drained or fatigued close your eyes and do this exercise again to recharge!

In Light,

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