Saturday, September 5, 2009

Multi-dimensional Healing

I was recently interviewed on Multidimensional Living with Host Esateys on the World Puja Network. We talked about what it means to live a multi-dimensional life. I woke up this morning thinking about our conversation the other day, and as I enjoyed my morning coffee, I found myself musing over the show.

One of the things we discussed is why it is so important to seek healing now, in today's changing world. With the economy on everyones mind, how sessions are the first thing to go because they are seen as 'extras'. Esateys asked me what I thought about that.

The world is in a death dance with the old paradigm. We are birthing a new one, a new paradigm. But it is not just happening 'out there' in the world around us. It starts inside us. We each are birthing a new paradigm within us. Right now all of our karmic stuff is coming up, everything will be 'in our face' so to speak. Just like countries are facing their Karma, everything that happens collectively as a planet, happens within us. There is no difference. So as we watch the world go through its cycles, and changes, know without a doubt these changes are happening within YOU!

As we seek change, as we demand change, as we look around our world and see how much abuse we have done to each other, to our planet, know that it is a mirror of what has been done within. The good news is that we are acknowledging it. Because nothing can be healed that isn't acknowledged for what it is. Many people look at things going on in the world as negative, and choose not to look at it. However, what we do not acknowledge rules our lives, and runs our planet. The individual shadow is the same as the collective, and we contribute to it in many ways.
So healing the relationship we have with ourselves, is the most important act we can do as conscious beings in order to change our lives, our communities, our countries, and our planet!
Take a look at your life. Where do you struggle the most?

What we do in the world, is a reflection of what we believe and feel inside us. If we judge others, its a reflection of us judging ourselves, if we criticize others, it is a reflection of our own criticizing. If we see abuse in the world, and we feel victimized, then it is a reflection of our own self-inflicted abuse and victimization within.

How we see the world, is how we see ourselves. Many people are starting to wake up and see what has been going on around them. It is validation of us waking up to ourselves to see how we have allowed ourselves to be treated by ourselves. This is good! This is why healing is so important. Healing on a personal level, dealing with our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health is the top priority to healing our world and the abuses we as a collective have helped cause. We have all contributed to our world situation today. Taking responsibility for our actions, thoughts, how we live day to day, how we treat others, comes down to how much respect we have for ourselves!

Have respect for yourself! Respect your thoughts, what you give energy too. Have respect for your body, and what you consume and how you care for it. Have respect for your boundaries, and what you will allow in your life, and how you allow others to treat you IS a reflection of how much respect you have for yourself. Respect your gifts and what you love to do by allowing them room in your life. Link up to a higher spiritual connection so you don't need to take energy from others in the form of manipulation, or control. Have respect for your inner child and allow play into your life, which then allows you to never take yourself so seriously that you forget how to have fun! All of these things are just the tip of the ice burg. If your relationships suffer from lack of connection and intimacy, then look at how you treat yourself. Do you allow yourself to be intimate with you? Do you create space in your life where spending time alone is honored and respected? Do you tells other no when you need too?

Its time to get real with yourself, and take a good hard look at your life, and become introspective. If you have wounds to heal from in your past, they need to be dealt with now. There is no more room in this changing world for wounded people to be running around rampant. Running our systems, making decisions based on wounded perspectives. If we really want change in this world, we have to start with what needs changing inside us.

As we except ourselves as multi-dimensional beings we open to the reality of how we are effected by energy around us. Understanding energy is the most basic of tools to living a multi-dimensional life. It shows us our true connection to self, others, our planet, and even to the Universe. It is not a skill you learn in school, or can be certified in, it doesn't hold degrees. It isn't something you can pay for. You can learn it, but the kind of learning it takes to understand it is much different than our traditional way of learning.

The new paradigm is being formed within us, and as we wake up, so to will our families, our communities, our countries, our systems, our planet. When we reach that point of understanding, and we heal, then we become like mid-wives for others, so we can then help them heal and cross-over to the new paradigm. We are in this together guys! No one is on a pedestal anymore. This isn't about finding a guru ...its about finding someone who can help us birth ourselves into a new way of being. The teacher can not do it for you, they can only show you a path perhaps, but ultimately you will have to walk it yourself.

So where do you start? Take a look at your life today! What needs more attention?

*How are your finances? Do you pay your bills on time? Are you organized? if not, start getting organized today.

*How is your health? How do you take care of yourself physically? How do you respect you body? Do you put yourself first? If not, do something today that is all about you! Find a holistic option to your health issues, read up on them. Make healthier choices.

*How are your relationships? Which ones need healing? Ask yourself how that strained relationship is a mirror for how you treat yourself? Today set a boundary. Begin to respect yourself.

*What is the state of your home? Is your space clean and organized? if not, do something today to make it so. Is your space beautiful? How do you represent beauty in your home? Today host a dinner party for yourself, and your family, if your married and have children. Light candles, use cloth napkins, treat it as if the President is coming to your home for dinner.

*How are your thoughts? Your most secret insecurities, and negative beliefs about yourself and your life effect everything around you. Even if you never voice them. Today write in a journal about what has hurt you or made you angry in the past, keep writing until you feel the emotion attached to it. Then burn the paper. Release it.

*Random acts of kindness. We usually help others when we expect some kind of acknowledgment for doing so. Today do one thing for someone randomly. Spread kindness today to yourself and others.

Today can be different. Everyday is a chance to make different choices. If you want to change the world, then you have to change within.

In Light,

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