Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Equinox: Balancing Light and Dark

We are still floating in yesterdays energy of the Fall Equinox. Can you feel something in the air? We are all effected by the larger cycles, the sun and the moon, and the Equinoxes and Solstices. Being in a Mercury Retrograde on top of it all, brings a strong stream of energies into our lives and effects us in a variety of ways. I am not an Astrologer, and highly suggest you find one to work with if possible. But I believe understanding how the larger cycles effect us, only brings us closer to ourselves.

Balancing the light and the dark within is a long journey, and most often not the easiest to accomplish. Looking inside to understand ourselves and why we do the things we do, can seem at times a daunting task. So we find things to distract ourselves with. We get involved with other peoples lives and problems, create a variety of dramas and stress related conveniences to keep our prying eyes from seeing the truth within.

What makes you tick? If you can answer that question in complete honesty, you are indeed a very courageous person. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to seek answers to your own riddles. It is much easier to seek the outward path where you can easily become immersed into a dream-like world which offers endless distractions, and allow others to tell you who you are and what your made of. All trails lead home however, its just a matter of how long you prefer to take getting there. No judgment in which choice you make, all of it is nothing more then lessons learned for self-growth and enlightenment.

Someone recently asked me what I meant by balancing light and dark, they expressed concern in giving the dark any acknowledgment at all. We had a wonderful conversation about it, and I've decided to share it with all of you. The dark is nothing more than our own shadow. Every time we are faced with what seems like negativity, and darkness, we have to remember that we are really seeing the shadow, and all things have a shadow. Understanding our own shadow helps us to understand the collective shadow. If you avoid looking into your own shadow, then you most likely avoid or fear, the collective. The two are the same really. Our fears, our insecurities, our self-hate, unresolved emotions, past wounds, our abusive tendencies and dysfunctional natures, are our less appealing sides, and most often not seen by the majority of those in our lives.

The Fall equinox represents the balance of the shadow and the light. A time when both are at rest, and equal, and neither is vying desperately for our attention. It is a time of peace between two worlds of perception that dictate how we see the world around us, and also how we see ourselves. When we come from a perspective of light it feels very different than when we come from a perspective of shadow. Each offer a chance to heal aspects within ourselves that need healing. It is a multi-dimensional way of living and understanding ourselves at deeper levels. What is the point you may ask?

The point is no matter who we are, or where we come from, no matter what our religious beliefs, our class, or income level, our race or nationality... we are all the same inside. Our outer differences are an imprint of our unique individual spirit, and yet inside we are the same. Why is that simple truth so hard for us to learn and except collectively? Because on some level within we believe in separation. We believe we are separate from others, and so therefore we only have to care for ourselves. That reality is changing. Our world is forcing this change for many reasons. But ultimately nothing happens on the outside that isn't happening on the inside, and inside we are demanding change because we know our bodies, spirits, minds and feelings cant continue to go the way they are going. The amount of soul sickness in the world is astonishing. So we are consciously and unconsciously asking for change. We are evolving, and like caterpillars emerging from our cocoons we are becoming a transformational being ready to fly.

Is your life in harmony? Are you following your bliss? or do you feel stuck and tired, bored, restless? try looking inside for guidance and answers. No one can do it for you. There is no more time to not follow your heart. You have a life here, and you do not know how long you will be here. So why not do what you love? Why not really love who you love? Why not take a risk and do something out of YOUR ordinary?
Movement in our lives is vital for our health and well-being. Not only physical movement in the form of exercise, but movement in our emotions, our spiritual and mental lives as well. If you are unhappy in your life, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Balancing of our light and dark is essential to understanding ourselves at deeper levels. With all the changes going on in the world today, it is crucial we learn how to move in our lives, with those we love, and with what our purpose is here. We all have a purpose. It is just a matter of aligning with our true authentic self in order to see just what that purpose is.

Enjoy the next few days as we bask in the energies of the Fall Equinox. Use the energies for the betterment of you, and therefore the betterment of our World.

In Spirit,

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