Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crash Landing

Just when you think you have it all figured out something comes along and lands in your life and makes you rethink everything that has ever been. There is nothing you can really do except look at this object, and all the change and destruction it has done by landing flat in the center of all you have ever constructed. Laying there like a meteor that has fallen from the sky and crashed directly on your house. So there it is. Bringing complete disorder. Remnants of a life that made sense scattered about as the dust settles.

First comes the anger that it has landed directly in the most inconvenient spot. Anger at the mess it has made. Then comes the surrender to the fact that nothing can ever be built the same again. The whole house must now be built around it. Re-ordering the center of your universe. Then comes the wonder of re-order. As you clean up the mess, you realize how much of it needed to go in the first place.

Eventually maybe, what is rebuilt might just be more beautiful then what was. Divine order in it somehow, revealed through chaos, and pain. Of course you could always just cover it with a blanket, and pretend it doesn't exist. Rebuild around it, and completely ignore it. Wishfully thinking it will go away. My prediction? You will only have another one crash land again soon... and they will keep coming until you learn to love what it has brought, and surrender to it.

The inconvenient truth about these kinds of events, is you never expect them, they always make a mess, and make you angry at the change they bring, but in the end you welcome them because they have given you a chance to live again.

The real trick is the free will, we as humans have. We can see the situation in a million different ways. We can react in just as many. But the real treasure lies in the surrender and letting go of the fight.

Today is the New Moon, I look back on where I was on the last New Moon, I was standing on a bridge, trusting what is. Letting go to the signs that come into my life, surrendering to them, and paying attention to them as they come (See my post from last month below).
What do you do when a sign is so clear, so big, and so massive there is no denying it. Its like having a meteor crash land in your living room. You cant do anything except trust the reasons why. Follow your heart....and know that there is always a bigger force at work called fate.

Happy New Moon Everyone....
Keep your eyes open for signs, trust them and always follow your heart, even if it means taking the path less traveled.



The Heart of Love said...

Hillary I wrote my first blog recently and it is so completely in synch with what you wrote here.
Have a look http://gailheartoflove.blogspot.com/



Hillary R. Raimo said...

Gail the story of that tree is beautiful!! What a special sharing thank you...I can so relate. Many blessings to you dear one.


Jessica said...
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Maria said...

So how's the upcoming Moon effecting you? Can't wait to hear more!

Lin said...

Your website and blogs are beautiful.
Especially the fall Equinox one.
I celebrate the equinoxes and solstices too with a fire ceremony at Still Point retreat center near Saratoga Springs. I like your insights into the energies of each one. I feel totally aligned with your wisdomwords.
Love, Lin