Monday, June 22, 2009

Reflections on The Bridge

Ask and you shall receive!

I took a long walk this morning bright and early, and I found myself standing on a bridge, go figure... the fog was rising softly off the river, and the overcast sky hung low, its funny how things seem to come full circle. I remember standing on a bridge in Cairo, looking down in the Nile, making a wish...that wish came true..and now I stand here once again making another...and I know it will happen, because that's the way it is. You set your intentions, you manifest, and it happens. Whether your aware of it consciously or unconsciously, it happens all the same. Some one asked me today, why would I ask for what I want, well my answer is ask for what you want whether you do it consciously or not. So what happens if you do it with intent and clarity? Sounds a bit more empowering to do it consciously, then to know what we are asking for is otherwise being guided by our unconscious mind that always seems to uproot our deepest fears, and secret desires no matter what. So why not be clear. Not in a selfish way, but in an empowered way with full intent and clarity.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and I live by that law. No exceptions. So as I stood there watching the river flow by me, I could feel this truth coming back up to the forefront of my mind once again. I had to smile because the last time I thought I knew what was meant for me, something completely different happened and because of it something amazing came into my life. I had to trust then, and I have to trust now, that even though the "I" wants one thing, its not always what the bigger picture has in mind. So I regroup and let go... very hard sometimes...but I have to be faithful to 'the law' and trust it. Id be disrespecting myself if I didn't.

So on the New moon, I let go, and plant the seeds of trust. That what I feel is truth, and close my eyes and know deep inside me that if its meant to be the greater plan will keep it in my life, and if its not then it will go away effortlessly, although perhaps with a touch of heartbreak. But what is heartbreak except maybe just the egos way of holding on.

So it is with life. A constant flux of give and take, letting go and bringing in. Being conscious, setting your intent, and being able to stay centered enough for clarity to guide you.

I sat outside last night on my deck, and watched a beautiful cloud drift by reflecting the setting sun...the longest day of the year, the Solstice. It was like watching a beautiful dream pass by, crossing paths with mine briefly before it moved on. I enjoyed being a part of that dream, I closed my eyes and let it fill me, feeding a part of me that hasn't been fed in a long time. The sun set and the cloud moved on...much like the things in life we love.

So today, think about what you intend for your life. Stand on a bridge in your mind between your old dream and a new one. What can you bring with you? and what do you have to leave behind? I've come to the conclusion that the bridge represents, for me, the space between worlds, the way of the manifester, the shapeshifter, that's where we live. Being able to shapeshift into one place or another. But in doing so, we have to remember to come back to ourselves, and remember who we truly are, or we get caught in the dream and forget how to get out.

Happy New Moon...

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