Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Early morning reflections

Well well...another fine day. Some early morning reflections. Enjoy...

Human nature is tough to figure out sometimes, but energy is energy, and when you understand energy, you can understand anything.

The human ego is a tricky thing, in order to see it fully, you have to be able to trick it into showing itself. Both with others, and ourselves.

The best protection against negativity and deception, is trusting intuition. Even when what it is telling you is something you don't want to really believe.

The body never lies.

Never risk losing what you have, for anything less then love. Love is worth losing everything for.

Live freely, trust God, your heart, your intuition, and your common sense.

Know a good friend when you have one, and never take the friendship for granted.

Smile more.

A Bedouin woman once told me that you always have to watch out for the cold wind of the desert. That it can sweep you off your feet, and take your soul in your sleep. That you should always face the wind, and listen to the messages it brings from the faraway. This way you never get taken by surprise. Those words have stayed with me and held their truth.

Always do the right thing by people.

Treat those you love and care about with respect and dignity.

If you think someone is deceiving you, they probably are.

Always stay true to yourself, and speak your truth at all times.

Food for thought....xoxox Hillary

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