Friday, June 26, 2009

All about Love....July 2nd with Hillary and Heidi

Why do we find ourselves in certain situations when it comes to love? Why do we attract the same kind of partner? What is it about ourselves that others find unattractive? It's time to get real about love. In the best selling book, He's Just Not That Into You, we got a birds eye view into the male mind about how and why women get mixed messages. I once watched a movie, cant recall the name as I write this, but the main plot was about a woman who had to make the man break up with her in ten days for an article she was writing, so what did she do? She showered him with love and affection, and long story short I thought it was hysterical that in trying to make him break up with her, she choose to shower love. And it worked! But it backfired on both of them, because in the end they really did end up falling in love. The story was great, and she did every annoying clingy thing in the book to make him leave but in the end they ended up deeply in love.
Anyway, my point being....lets cut the chase and get real. Guys how do you know when she just isn't that into you? and do you let go of the one who just isn't interested? Lets talk about it!
I'm looking forward to my next show because I'm being joined by a wonderful guest, Heidi Bilonick, who is stunningly beautiful and she is here to share her love secrets, and pointers, but also her experiences as to how its not always about being physically attractive, that love and heart issues go much deeper then meets the eye.
Heidi and I will be sharing first hand accounts of our own experiences, and taking questions from if you have love issues, questions about soulmates, karma, why men or women do what they do...this is the show for you!

Whether your single, married, divorced, new on the dating scene again, in a complicated situation, or trying to understand why you are attracted to certain love tangles, we want to hear from you! Send you questions to or call in live on July 2nd and talk to us both on the air.

Join me on July 9th 8pm eastern live on the air with love coach Heidi Bilonick for an extraordinary show on love and relationships. If you have any issues right now going on with your significant other, this is the show for you! Get down and get real about love. Heidi and I will be sharing real life experiences, and talk about how energy effects relationships, and how to understand your partner better. July 2nd 8pm eastern

Thursday July 2nd 8pm eastern heard in over 29 countries worldwide

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