Friday, May 15, 2009

The Pause between inhale and exhale

I updated my status today on facebook after doing a show last night with Author Josh Baran who wrote a great book called The Tao of Now, and also having just recorded with Robert Friedman, president of Hampton roads publishing who recently released a co-authored children's book with renown author Eckhart Tolle, called Milton's Secret, all about The Power of Now! I am seeing a consistent theme pop up this week for me in my life. Staying in the NOW.

Having talked about this very topic endlessly this I got ready to send out my thoughts on the worldwide ripple of facebook, across endless miles and who knows where else...I thought carefully about what I wanted to say and how I wanted to say it. Sounds crazy? Maybe...but how often do we really think about what we say or how we feel, and its effect on others?

This week at my meetup group here locally in NY, we had a speaker come in to speak of the physical characteristics of people and how to read energy accordingly, and how to shift our own energy so we could help LIFT others. It was based on Barbara Brennans work, and very informative. I thought to myself..I am seeing a message streaming along this week in everything that is manifesting. I'm crossing paths with experiences, people and such that ask me to consider the co-creative efforts of the greater good, and how I contribute and effect that.

So today I wrote on my 'status update' , and for those rare few people out there who do not belong to simply means you share with others what your thought is at that and any given moment! I carefully chose my words. Realizing that even in this simple act, power lives...there is a choice of creating beauty, indifference, or hate.

It made me realize, once again, just how powerful our words and actions are, and how far-reaching there effects can be.

Josh and I, spoke about this last night. I even mentioned facebook ripple it represents on a symbolic level the power of our thoughts. How even without consciously meaning too, they change our experience and the experience of those around us.

Try it today. If you feel someone being negative, heavy...and in fear or shadow... change your energy and lift yourself, and in doing so you lift others and create an air of magic.

I love being 'in love', with life, beauty, joy, power, with people, and is my muse and it lifts and inspires me, feeds my soul and makes me feel like I can do anything. Its never about the object itself...its about the FEELING that creates and changes everything within your experience of life. When you see a couple in love, you can feel it...when someone is in love, and they walk through the office, they glow, it spreads... like a fine scent of a rare perfume. It touches everyone and makes their heart smile.

Its when we shut down love that it creates pain. When we close the door on that feeling, because on some level we think it is wrong, or shameful, or we aren't worthy. We are all worthy of being in love. We all know what it feels like.

It is the feeling of pause in between inhale and exhale. The silent, still love that exists outside of time and space, that is beyond anything we can express in words or project onto an object. It is a state of mind, a feeling that must be given room within us to FEEL and explore, to heal and change - transform the lead to gold.

I had a dream last night, I was sitting in the desert watching the sun set. Listening to the wind. I could feel a heartbeat as I laid my head down on the sand, I closed my eyes in the dream, and I could feel the love between me and all that is. There was no separation between me and the wind, or the sand, or the heat of the setting sun. I whispered into the wind...felt my words become one, they wrapped around me. They sank into my bones....I inhaled, paused, and then exhaled. The power of thought, creation, and manifesting craves the pause of love infused within it so that it may be given birth in a powerful way.

I opened my eyes within this dream...and I saw a man standing there dressed in black. His eyes stared back at me, and I could feel him. The space between him and I, like the inhale and exhale, was the pause.

So today I honor my vision, and the message it brings of choosing my experience. Letting myself feel my own truth, and to stay out of fear. Planted firmly in the present moment takes no effort. Its a simple choice. Trusting it is the key....


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