Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looking back on '08

Greetings, and Happy Holidays!

What an amazing '08 it has been, as I look back and recapitulate the year and all the growth and inspiration it has brought me, it has truly been an amazing adventure with so many creative projects given birth and are now out in the world growing in ever-surprising ways.
I owe it to my clients who have been so wonderful in there fearless pursuit of understanding themselves on a deeper level. It is such a gift to witness. Thank you!

I am now settling in to the post holiday mode and looking ahead to March when we leave for Egypt to celebrate the Spring Equinox. I remember how life-changing my first visit was, and how much of my life truly changed when I returned home to the states. I remember my dreams while I was there, and how I feel in love as soon as I got off the plane. There is something magical about Egypt for me, that brings me directly back to my center.

Past life memories surfaced while I was there, and continue too especially since I began to plan my return. The exact dates we are there are my Jupiter return, an end and beginning of a new 12 year cycle. This trip back is extremely significant, and symbolic of so many things for me both personally and professionally.

I have decided to study and learn Astrology this year, as I always seek, study and research higher consciousness, metaphysics, and new information related to alternative healing, dreaming and mind body connections, this is going to be my new adventure for '09. I have felt strongly that Astrology is an ancient science, that was extremely important to understanding the greater cycles at work, and it is a road map to our past. As someone who loves to travel to ancient sites around the world, I have spent a good portion of my life being drawn to deeper understanding of these old civilizations, and there connections to the stars. So Astrology is a good fit for me, and to cement it, my grandfather who trained me in esoteric ways early on, learned and studied Astrology as well.

So I am gearing up to begin a new year, a new 12 year cycle, a new adventure and I'm sure much more in the coming year.

I can feel Egypt calling me back, I can feel her stirring within me, the greater cycles at work, and there is no mistake I am going back now, at the time I am. For so many reasons this trip is symbolic.

On another note, I am so excited for the upcoming guests on the show for the coming year as well. The radio world was a complete surprise to me when we launched our first show back in May '08. I will be doing a test show on WARL Rhode Island next month and I feel many great and wonderful adventures coming...I have learned so much from each of my guests that have come on the air with me. Each conversation has shown me something, and I have learned more about myself this past year, thanks to the catalytic conversations every week with some of the most amazing speakers, authors and researchers in the their fields. I am so excited that we will be continuing in '09 and I am booked straight into July alreaady with some of my favorite authors and experts in holistic healing.

We launched a new website this year, and the never-ending adventures of balancing business and family have also taught me priceless lessons.

So I look back on '08 as one of the best years so far. So much change, growth, expansion and learning. Letting go of what no longer served me, and changing gears to a new career, from real estate, to going full-time into my holistic practice was a scary transition, but one that has paid for itself ten-fold in many ways. I trusted and leaped, and the net appeared, I met the right people, and trusted that the opportunities that presented themselves had higher meaning, and purpose.
I surrendered to the flow and let it all happen, and it has been a magical ride.

So in looking back, it gives you another gift, one of a larger cycle, or picture. One that shows you a pattern of higher purpose, driven by a higher mind. Even if your experiences were painful, looking back on the year as a whole allows you to see the lessons learned.

I am getting ready to leave for Cairo again in a few short months. Ready to say goodbye to 12 years as I begin a new Jupiter return and 12 year cycle. Lots of setting new intents, and letting go of what these last 12 years have meant, and its quite a bit! We are always doing this over and over, in new and subtle ways sometimes, but when the cycles return, if we do them consciously on very deep and large layers, the possibilities are endless.

It is interesting, because some of the astrological events that have happen as of late, haven't happened since 2006, my last trip to Egypt. So I have been seeing, interestingly enough, a repeat of energies just like those that happened right before I left last time. Once I became conscious of what was happening, I was able to change course and shift the energy. So knowing and understanding the 'larger picture' energetics, with Astrology is vital to understanding oneself.

Wishing you all a wonderful new year, filled with joy and the subtle and not-so-subtle energies at work in your life reveal magical stories and muses in your life.

Until next time,

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