Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Financial Gratitude

Financial Gratitude

Ok, so all we see on our TV screens and in the headlines is how devastating our economy is and how afraid you should be etc...

I have decided to change my mind about how I see all of this, and may I invite you to consider the possibility as well. I barely have time to watch the news lately with all I have going on, and at times I may feel this leaves me out and I feel a bit out of the loop...I have to wonder which loop I'm being left out of? You see, the talk about how bad it is, and how afraid we should be does nothing but create a huge cloud of fear, and we can very easily become consumed and lost in it. Creating a domino effect all around us. Why? because our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. If we believe in the fear, we will become the fear and attract to our lives all that we are afraid of.

Having not been able to catch the tide, given deeply in the nightly news, I haven't found myself experiencing the effects of this 'catastrophic' economy. My business is doing well, I'm sleeping at night and I feel great! I thought about the stress and anxieties my friends and family have been feeling because of it, and when I asked them how their money is doing, they say fine. Overall if we buy into the collective cloud of fear, we will begin to see our experiences match that of the collective opinion because we then become it.

Look, I am not saying it isn't happening, I am asking you to re-think how you see it. If money is tight, all you need to do is simply re-channel how your money is spent. Meaning if you like to buy certain things, for example organic food, which is very expensive now-a-days, you can certainly do so, you just have to cut back on other areas.

I am not a financial adviser, I am a wife and mother. I have to manage a household of four. If anyone can attest to the power of creative spending its a mom. Moms everywhere have a profound gift for making a dollar stretch a mile. So re-think your priorities, and then determine what is important to you without guilt, or judgement...and LIVE!

My husband and I, decided to take our money out of the stock world while the markets go through this. For us it was the right decision. We know our money will go back in, but we just don't want to lose what we have worked hard for all these years in the meantime. So we made a bold decision. I understand it may not be the thing to do for everyone, but it was for us. Understanding how to sail through this means being practical, money smart, thrifty and creative. It is not however, something to fear.

I would like to make the point of this post to be about gratitude. I am so thankful for being alive at this time in our planets shift in consciousness. We are moving from a materialistic society, to one that is infused with higher consciousness. Thank Godness! Our tendency to sleepwalk through our lives is no longer practical. As we awaken on a planetary level, one person at a time, it HAS to effect the greater collective, because we are all connected.

So as we each do the work, heal and awaken...we in turn help change the world. It is just that simple. Then as we become conscious in our everyday life, we bring that awareness to all aspects of our lives, physical, financial ..and make it mainstream in our experience, then creating a state of higher consciousness bridged into the physical plane.

Lets take a moment today to be THANKFUL for our money. To send it positive thoughts, and take a deep breath and breathe in joy and happiness and FEEL the abundance all around us. Let all the headlines, and news reels fade away, the worry and anxiety, and let the veil lift between you and the world of truth.

Many blessings to you all!

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