Friday, September 5, 2008

New Season we are already headed into Fall. Summer went by so quickly. I hope you enjoyed your longer days and warmer nights. I am proud to announce The Hillary Raimo Show is now on 2 networks and has been going strong for 6 months now. Please join me from 7-8pm EDT on, and again 8-9pm EDT on For upcoming guests you can find the current schedule on my website

Also new are my upcoming personal seminars on Dreaming. Are you curious about your dreams? Do they seem to be trying to tell you something that you can not quite grasp? Are numbers starting to show up in your life like 11, 11:11, 333, 4444?
There is a huge shift in consciousness going on our planet right now and everyone is feeling it in one way or another. Perhaps even in discomforting ways, more stress, less sleep, a deepSEEDed sense of anxiety. Not everyone is experiencing the bliss of change...more times than not, change or shifts come with difficult feelings and situations.
Our higher selves, and our guides are trying to help us in ways we may not even realize. So when we start to see and sense these mysterious happenings in our lives, we can of course become afraid or we can change our minds about that, and see them as opportunities to awaken.

I invite you to look over my personal seminars on dreaming. They are designed for all levels of dreamers, and can be done as a correspondence course so you can work with me from anywhere in the world.

Wishing you well...

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