Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pieces of the Puzzle

I had coffee with Victoria Moran the other day. An incredible author and inspirational speaker who has spent her life guiding others to live bigger and better lives. Two time guest on Oprah, Victoria is a personal inspiration to me.
Her eyes sparkle with deep knowing, and light emanates from her like a star. When she walked into the Starbucks, there was a moment of recognition on another level...
I wondered at our chance meeting here. She had asked if I could meet her for coffee...and of course I said yes. I sat in complete presence. Staying centered. Wondering at the chances the two of us were sitting across from each other in Starbucks. My mind wondered at what this was for? wow..I'm having coffee with Victoria Moran. I had to stay focused. I knew there was an important piece of the puzzle here for me. I had to be open to receive it. There are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason.
So why on earth would Victoria Moran ask me to coffee! I was so excited. There had to be a reason in the grand scheme of life. The mysteries are always at work.

She walked in, I recognized her from researching her work, as she will be a guest on my show come Fall. She reminded me of an artist, a seasoned new yorker....she carried a sense and feel of exotic places, world traveler, her energy was a delight to be around, and I was intrigued the minute she sat down. I knew I was in the presence of a beautiful soul.

So I simply let go. I sat back and said OK...I am paying attention!
Our conversation got into a groove once she had her coffee and we were settled. We talked about her work..which is simply brilliant!, and eventually our conversation turned to things spiritual. As they often do nowadays. I shared some of my story, something I have vowed to do from now on, and the conversation turned was like talking to an old friend.

I shared my first past life regression which was with my grandfather when I was five years old. I wanted to write a book about it when he was still alive, but we never got to do it. I was too young, and I had no idea where to start, who would be interested? I had no idea what I was doing back then. Even now, approaching a 'real' publisher is clueless for me. I have self published because I needed to manifest my books...I needed to see them in form, not for vanity purposes..but because everything I had done up until then had pretty much started but never finished. It was the first real act of power I saw through from beginning to end. So choosing to self publish was because I needed too at that time in my life, and I wasn't ready on many levels for the rejection notices of big publishing houses. I had been through enough rejection in my life to last a lifetime. Now would be different, because I have healed a tremendous amount of those wounds...maybe someday.

As I sat across Victoria...I thought maybe I could do it, write a big book and approach a publisher. I filed that away in the back of my mind to mull on later.

I shared with her the story of being 5 and having my grandfather led me through a past life regression. It was a remarkable experience, and still very vivid in my mind even today. I met my parents from a past life, they were simple farmers...rolling green hills in the background...I felt an instant connection to England..and I have always had a fascination with that part of the world and will be traveling there for the first time next year with Dr. Chet Snow on a research tour of the crop circles. So perhaps when I go next year, more of this will be revealed for me.

Anyway, I shared with her my experiences of last years health issues with facing life threatening blood clots that had gone to my lungs and put me in the ICU for over a week. I almost died from them. She stopped me and said she was picking up on a connection between the lungs and my past life in England...I feel I died as a child in that life, and she said it seemed the lung thing I faced last year, had to do with what I died from in my last life. I sat back and it slowly seeped through and felt very very right to me. I had healed something from a past life. I had made the conscious connection between that area of my body here and now, and back then. Instantly, in the middle of Starbucks, sitting across from Victoria. It was as if I was transplanted from ordinary reality and I found myself sitting on the edge of another place and time. It was all very surreal.

For the two hours we sat and became very clear to me that it is time to start sharing my story..starting with John's show, and now sitting here with Victoria..hearing the same message I know this is a part of it all. To really begin to work my own mystical experiences into everything. Ive always used them as reference in my work, my readings, my work with clients and students, but Ive always kept them to myself and a few select friends.

I have had an AHA moment that has been linked to some very recent AHA moments for me. You see when we start to align with our true purpose in life, something happens and things begin to move. You begin to feel a push and you stop resisting that push and start trusting it is for a reason ...always.
Think about your own life. What is it about you that makes you unique? What is it about your journey, your life, that is vastly different from everyone else? Find your gift...find your voice and begin to sing to the world from a place of light and healing. Someone will listen. Connecting with others in a healing and positive way is really all there is. Everything else in life is an illusion and it passes with time. Crumbling like ruins of an old building..all things fade into transition. We think everything around us is solid, permanent..we try to find ways to make things last and hold on forever to the thoughts of what we think makes us who we are. For a long time my story was a sad one filled with much pain and suffering. Now all of it is truly a gift, and everything was perfectly and divinely placed so that I could live it, feel it, understand it so when I work with someone I can truly know what it feels like. I can read the energy, and I can understand that there is a way out of it.
Everyday you wake up....look at where you are and ask yourself why are you there?
Write about your life so that one day you can share it with others. You never know who you will inspire to move forward, to love, to live life instead of hate and fear it.
Thank God for all of you..and all your gifts for the world.

Thank you Victoria for helping me move forward on my path a bit was a pleasure.
From one star soul to another..

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