Friday, June 13, 2008

Endless Possibilites

Are everywhere...

You know, I have to say that these days I find myself walking forward at all costs. Sometimes that is easier said than done. It seems everyone is going through life changes on some level that is asking, no demanding, that they look into parts of there life that are desperately in need of healing and empowerment. Our weaknesses are in our face now more than ever. But that's a good thing!

One of my beloved teachers always said to me, those that upset you the most are your greatest teachers. They have the most to gift you with. Your healing and evolution lies in what they mirror back to you, in what they trigger inside of you. So many think its about avoiding people that don't think or act or do as you do...if someone is toxic or overly negative in your life, you may need to rethink how that is a mirror for your own negativity and your own toxicity. You have attracted it for some reason. Look deeply into it and then when you have got it! It will move on...

Painbodies are triggered by other painbodies. When someone carries around a tremendous amount of negative energy, remember that our energy bodies extend outward around us some four to five feet, like a cocoon. So when we walk into the room, our energy bodies are mixing with others, communicating on levels our conscious mind does not understand, that's why we may feel attracted too or repelled from people in that room we do not even know. Our energy bodies are talking to each other...reading each other and so on.

Our energy bodies will feel out the compatibility before our minds do. When someone comes to me for a reading about a relationships I spend a lot of time discussing this aspect of life. Because in understanding how our energy bodies work, and how our painbody is effected, there is a pattern that develops and cycles form, small eddies of swirling energy that gets caught in one place that simply cant move forward because of the strong energetic current that is focused on it.

Which brings me to my latest guest on my show Peter Guare....wonderful energy he has!
Our conversation was intriguing. His story captivating. His accomplishments impressive.
While we were talking I had an aha moment, where it became even clearer how many endless and infinite possibilities surround us at all times.
It was the part were we talked about being in a crowded room and suddenly you pick up on a conversation clear across the room, and if you hear your name, how suddenly you can hear that whole conversation, were as before, you couldn't. How when your brain filters in on picking up that can.

Think for a moment how many filters we use everyday..from an energetic perspective. We are bombarded with streams of information constantly, stimulated constantly with endless information for our brain to process..partly necessary to discern what we need to. However, how interesting that when we CHOOSE to change the filter, we can pick up on sounds clear across a crowed room. What massive implications this has. Its nothing new...its something everyone has at one time or another done or experienced...but now apply that concept to the rest of your life.

Change your filters.

We do it on our water systems, in our cars, our air conditioners...why not in our minds!
Try it for today...become aware of your filters and when you use them. It may seem elusive at first, but try it. See if you can get a sense of how you filter your beliefs, your experiences, your relationships, your kids, your job, your drive home!

Change your filters. Just for today..try something new. Allow something new to come into your life. Get rid of the clogged, dirty filter, filled with outdated mindsets, beliefs, dreams, and thoughts.

You see, changing our filters consciously, allows those energetic stagnant energies that were caught in eddies of swirling currents, a chance to drain out towards new move on, clean house and move forward.

Thanks Peter for a great show! Good luck with your Iraq War Project...I support you 100%.

Until next time well.


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Peter Guare said...

Thank you, Hillary, for your kind words and wonderful grasp of the concept. When we are not in the present, the past filters our experience and conditions us to expect more of the same. Charles Swindoll said, "Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you deal with it." As YOU said, change your filters and change how you deal with it. And THEN you will change what you deal with in the future.
Peter Guare