Friday, June 20, 2008

A Blank Slate

OK. We are all getting the fact that your beliefs make up your experiences. Between all the best selling books out there, teachers and authors touring the world talking about it, documentary after documentary....the world is changing because we are changing. As one begins to see that they are in fact Co-creators of their lives, and what they think they become, and as the emotions rise, we are learning to understand the opportunities for growth they bring with them.

As we sit back and manifest the life we want, we re-vamp our relationships, our homes, our jobs, our dreams...we draw to us exactly what we choose, it then brings us to a very powerful crossroads. Since we have a contract with Spirit, God, The Universe, that we are indeed here to learn and live a human life as a soul, to propel us towards higher levels of consciousness, and its obviously not 'up' yet because we are still in physical form...what happens next?

We are getting the information on HOW to change our lives, HOW to draw what we want, how to become better what happens when we have done all that. We've written our experiences, perhaps in a book, shared our stories, become successful on levels we never thought possible...what then?

You see, there is another round waiting. We now have the secret to manifesting, to know and understand who you are, where you come from, what do you do then? What if you knew all there is too know about enlightenment. Mastery becomes the next taskmaster as your slate is wiped clean.

You are no longer being controlled by outdated belief systems, past pains, mindsets and emotional bondage. You are free.

You stand on the crossroads of light and dark. What do you do with power once you have it?
Someone once said to me, if you really want to know the essence, or core, energy of a persons soul, give them power and see what they do.

With leadership changes coming quickly in this country, with our current administrations past track record, its very easy to see how someone can take power and use it against the good of all.
I don't usually take political stands/sides...but I cant help but wonder why things are happening the way they are? We just sit back and say, OK I will just keep paying $5.00 a gallon for gas. OK, I will just go ahead and do what I'm told. Since when have we become so lethargic?
I remember growing up and seeing picket signs, and protests...I don't see any now. They know eventually if we see something long enough, we will just succumb to it. And we have.

Power is a big topic. There are many levels of power...and there is dark power and light power. And when we have the keys to open doors to other levels, dimensions, and obtain access to the secrets of manifesting...we soon will have to make a choice.

Author Karon Korp, a guest on my radio show, said it is like being a baby again..born again into the realms of life where we learn new things, new experiences.
Being enlightened is about returning to the child, the innocence of discovery and belief. No longer clouded by doubt, seasoned conditioning, old pain and wounds...

In her book, Remembering Our Spiritual Journey Home: The 12 Keys for Awakening Who You Are and Why You Are Here, she talks about what it was like to remember believing in Santa Claus when we were little, or the Tooth Fairy, or Easter bunny...take your pick. Recall the magic it brought to your experience. When we discover that isn't true, there is a shift. We change, our worlds change, it may go unnoticed at first, or we dismiss it quickly and 'grow up', but we all can relate to how that felt when we believed in something, anything as a child and it was real for us. Then the illusion faded away. Our worlds changed.

As we prepare for a shift in consciousness on a global level, we are up against a very large collective painbody, a collective ego filled with fear, hate, and negativity. As long as there are countries full of suffering, death, is clear that what we are facing is like a huge teeth- bearing monster ready to consume us and take our souls with it. That aspect is within us as well. Our shadow sides are ugly, and filled with the same energetic that contributes to the collective consciousness whenever we connect to our own within. We have all created it together. Every one of us is responsible for what is happening in the world today. How do we fix it? We heal our own lives. We learn the secrets on how to create, we dive deep into our emotions and learn more about ourselves. We can only change what we understand. We cannot change what we do not acknowledge.

Go inward and be honest with yourself about your own shadow self. How do you manipulate in your life, what do you seek to control? How do you express your negativity, your hatred?
Seek its source. You have to conquer the inner monsters before you can take on the collective. A funny thing happens when you take on your own first, you help to shift the collective just by making the decision to do so. The very act, or decision, to do so, begins the change.

Why am I writing about this? Because when we finally heal, when we do all the work, when we learn how to create magic in our lives, we are re-connecting with our own innocence, beauty, Spirit and we are re-creating that lost sense of belief in something greater than ourselves, yet we are as great. An eternal paradox.

It doesn't end there. It then becomes long roads of mastering our path, our intentions will constantly be tested. We will have to choose over and over, again and again, light or dark.
Fear, control and manipulation, or life giving beauty.
Too take and destroy, or give and create. Even in itself that is a natural life cycle, we become one with it. Another eternal paradox.

So learn the skills that are everywhere now. Apply them to your life. And when you feel power coming to you, sit with it. Look it in the eye and declare your intentions.

The big question is:
What are you going to do with it?

Until next time..

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