Thursday, June 19, 2008


Of Self first....

I would like to say a special thank you to all of my listener's worldwide, thank you for being you and for your courage to live your dreams and believe you are worth it! You are all truly part of the changing consciousness at work in the world today. It is my hope and dream to inspire all I come across in life to step further out into the world towards living an authentic, meaningful, and deeply connected life.
To let go of fear and control, and surrender to spirit, so that the mysteries of life can nurture you and support you the way they were meant too. Everyday is a miracle. Every person you cross paths with is a chance to carry on the spark. Love and compassion in all things, personal, spiritual, even business related, creates a bridge to the ever abundant dimension of higher consciousness.
Seeking your own inner teachers, wise ones, and guides and learning to trust their voices, is really about trusting your own. Let go of sabotage in your lives, on all levels, seek the present moment always and heal your relationship with it. It takes great courage, heart, surrender, and a letting go of manipulation and control, and the egoic images of how things should be for one to do so.
Be a valley instead of a mountain! Giving up the need to stand tall and do, in order to let go and be, allows the flow of universal abundance.
The collective consciousness has a very heavy painbody. A reflection of our own on many levels, and we all contribute to it when we let negativity and fear run our lives. It overcomes us when we least expect it, taking precious lifeforce along the way. When we live in the past and worry about our future, we forget about the present moment, it ceases to exist in our experience. Yet it never ceases to exist because it is all there truly ever is. So embrace it!
One of my dear teachers, Lynn Andrews, always said to me that allowing our vibrations to fall into grief, despair, anger and hatred, matches the vibration of death. And not to linger there for long because it can takes us, like a strong North wind.
Remember laughter, and never take yourself too seriously, practice random acts of kindness, bring integrity and honor into all areas of your life. Share your story with others from a stance of healing and lessons learned vs. from a victim stance. See and observe how that changes your experience of life.
What do you have to lose?
There are so many wonderful practitioners and teachers in the world today doing their part to assist in the healing of the planet on a collective level. We are ultimately responsible and accountable for our own lives, our own healing, and when we except that, we too will add to that assistance.We have the power to change the world. But it starts with us....and healing what lies within first.
Until next time...

Live Well,

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