Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Closure for Mind, Body & Spirit

Closure for Mind, Body & Spirit
with Hillary Raimo author of Matters for Mind, Body & Spirit

The hustle of the holidays are over, and the snow is silently falling. There is a quiet slowing down of energy as we enter the hibernation of winter. We look back over the year and take stock of what we have learned. Moments, memories, and reminiscences of all that has happened. The New Year is a great time to sit back and reflect what we have done or not done over the last year.
Did you accomplish what you hoped too this year? Did you move in the direction you had thought would be best? Or did Spirit have something else in mind and your life course took an alternative route.

I have spent a lot of time talking about abundance, money and manifesting this year. As I sit back and reflect on what I have done, I also see that taking time to rest, dream and rejuvenate is equally important for peace of mind.
Recapitulation of your life is an important aspect of healing. Looking back on your past so you can understand your present and ultimately change course for the future, is a profound act of will power and step towards healing.

Understanding what makes you tick, and knowing who you are at the core of your being gives you a kind of freedom not often found these days. Owning yourself and taking responsibility for your own dream is a hard task, and requires a kind of commitment that takes much courage and a strong will to achieve.

As I reflect back on the holidays, I realized how much of ourselves we give up for others. How often do you find yourself doing for everyone else and how little you get back. Perhaps it is the expectations of what you will get that actually lets you down. When we give without expectations, then there isn't really anything to let down. How often do you find yourself exhausting yourself to provide an atmosphere for others and then face the pile of holiday dinner dishes by yourself while everyone else sits back and kicks their feet up?

Living our lives for others diminishes our personal power, our energy and ultimately our lives. Believing in your OWN dreams, and being sure to give to those dreams as well as to others, and keeping it balanced and healthy will create a much more balanced energy exchange between you and others. When we martyer ourselves and do everything for others, we create a very negative energy exchange and it can quickly make us ill. When we 'be the bigger person' and let things go without voicing our thoughts and feelings, that too creates a negative energy exchange and can very quickly cause an imbalance in your energy body and system.

It is about giving to yourself as much as it is about giving to others. I'm not referring to material things here, I'm referring to not doing for others as much as you do for others. What do I mean by that? I mean making sure you allow others the chance to do for themselves. When you constantly do for others you take away their power to do for themselves, and create a dependant energy system that feeds on your energy and counts on your energy to feed it.

When others EXPECT you to do for them all the time, they fall asleep and forget how to do it for themselves, always looking for someone to do it for them. You in a way, take away there personal power.

It is very easy to fall into the archetype pattens. To be the damsel in distress, and always wait for your knight in shining armor to save you. Or to down play your needs and wants so others don't worry. I say, say what you need. Say what you mean. and allow things to come to you. I say be conscious of what you give and what you take, and be mindful at all times what your energetic imprint is in any given situation.

As we complete a calendar cycle, reflect back on how this last year went for you. Were you happy? Did you work hard for your own dreams or did you work hard for someone elses dreams? Do you know the difference?

Winter is a great time to begin to dream a new dream for yourself. To redefine and recreate who you are in the world. The magic of that is, that all possibilities exist within you! You can truly be whoever you want and create whatever it is you want in this lifetime. You are here for a blink in time, and you leave a mark on the world whether you know it or not.
So why not leave a mark that counts.

I reflect on my life at this time of the year, the good and the bad, the situations that brought me happiness and pain. I lick my wounds, and put tubs of healing salve on the ones that are deep. I look at the relationships I have and those in my life and re-evaluate what they mean to me and how to approach them next year, if even at all.
Its OK to let go and move on. Its OK to be mad and express your anger, to protect your boundaries and your dreams from others who try to take them away. Does a mother bear think twice about killing a threat to her cubs? Does she feel bad about it afterwards? Does she go off into the woods always regretting killing that intruder? Or does she simply act on instinct and move on.
Never giving it a second thought.

Interesting how when our boundaries are threatened, we ponder how to feel, whether we should act of not, being indecisive about what to do, then acting on that energy and then walking around wondering if we did the right thing and going on and on to whoever will listen!
Such humans we are!
Always looking for validation that we are special, loved and right. Indeed wars have been fought over that.

Own yourself. Own who you are, all of what makes you YOU. You're good, you're ugly and everything in between. Love everything that makes you human, and know that its OK to feel, to express and to BE. You don't have to DO all the time, you don't have to impress all the time, and you certainly don't have to hurt all the time.

Welcome the season to give to yourself. To give yourself the gift of being OK with who you are at all levels. Let compassion into your life and forgive those who have hurt you and most importantly forgive yourself for hurting others too. It can happen in the most subtle and obvious ways.
At night call back to you the lost fragments of self that you have let someone take or that you have willingly given away throughout your day.
Let your emotions be expressed, love deeply, and treat yourself as good as you treat others.

Winter is a beautiful time to dream. Choose beautiful dreams vs. nightmares, they will come true either way. Your mind and thoughts create you everyday, so choose carefully what you think and how you feel. Ground yourself fully in the present moment and get to know YOU fully.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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