Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Relationships for Mind, Body and Spirit- Your Thoughts and Feelings

Relationships for Mind, Body and Spirit - Your thoughts and Feelings

How often do we wonder about what we think and feel?
Usually we spend all our energy thinking about how we feel, or feeling upset about what we think!

Everything is energy. Even our thoughts and feelings give off energy.
That said, lets try to understand how our thoughts and feeling effect us. When we think about something it gives off an energy field that in fact effects everything else around it. It creates a wave of energy. Now that must be overwhelming to imagine, we think thousands of thoughts a day, what a ton of energy we give off!
Yes it is a lot.
The good news is that the FEELING of our experiences scoops up that energy and condenses it in a way to effect our reality. Thoughts group together and create a mood.

When we feel depressed, sad, angry we give of those energy fields and we attract everything to us that resonates with the energy we give off!
When we are angry, whether consciously or not, we attract angry people into our lives. When we are negative we give off that energy, and what resonates with that energy is attracted to us.
The good news is that you can change that!

Lifting your mood, by thinking and FEELING happy thoughts, remembering happy moments, listening to uplifting music, creates an atmosphere that changes our thoughts and in effect changes our vibration and we resonate different energy, then we begin to attract better things to our lives that match our new state of mind.

It is very simple to do, and yet what we have to remember is that simply wishing for different things in our lives, happier relationships, more money, better jobs, is not enough to change it.
We have to FEEL like it has already happened. Feeling it condenses the thought energy, and makes a vibrational field that resonates strongly outward and effects everything around us. It is the basic law of attraction.
We attract to our lives exactly what we feel. If we feel sad, lonely, rejected, and unworthy of love, success and joy, we will attract exactly that experience.
If we feel loved, happy, successful and joyful, then we will attract that to us.

Change your mind about yourself, who you are and believe that you are a miracle and it will in effect change your energy field, resonate out to the universe that message and then your life will begin to reflect this.

The trick is however, that you have to really feel it. Your emotions have to be allowed to be expressed, and you have to be comfortable with feeling them. So often we repress our emotions because of what we may have experienced in our lives, so it is hard for us to even feel anything. Many are afraid of their emotions, afraid that it will hurt too much to feel anger, sadness or to revisit uncomfortable moments in their life that cause too much pain.
When this happens, just allow yourself to feel. Let the tears come, cry, get mad. It is OK. As long as your anger or emotions do not harm yourself or others, finding a healthy way to express them is the key.
Its OK to be mad. Many women I work with have a hard time expressing their anger. They were raised being told it was unlady like or wrong to get angry. This is simply not true.
Its OK to feel. If you cant feel, you cant change your thoughts, if you cant change your thoughts or feelings you can not change your reality.

Our lives are a reflection of our inner life.
Thinking and feeling gives you personal power. Thinking and not feeling diminishes that personal power.

When it comes to manifesting abundance in our life, we have to be able to visualize abundance and we have to be able to FEEL what it is like to have it. What we think all the time, controls our lives. If we think about our debt all the time, we will attract debt, if we think no one loves us, then we will attract situations that affirm that belief and so on.

Change what you believe and your world will change with it.

In my up coming four week course called Money Matters for Mind, Body and Spirit we will confront head on our belief structures with abundance and deal with our emotions that attach us to money. We will use a combination of meditation, lecture and group discussion to take a deep look at how we can change our reality and bring more joy and abundance to our lives.

Self inquiry is the first step to healing and attracting to us the life we desire and deserve to live.

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