Sunday, July 1, 2007

Relationship Matters for Mind, Body and Spirit

Last month we began to work with money matters, we created a beginning plan to take a deeper look at how our relationship with money effects our lives.
Learning how our mind set effects our reality is very important. If we like the way our lives are and we are realizing our dreams and our lives are filled with beauty and joy, then you are indeed connecting with the inner dialogue and it is mirrored on the outside.

However, if we are not satisfied with how your outer life is, you are not in happy fulfilling relationships and you do not have the abundance in the form of money that you need or would like, then there is a disconnect on some level.

The first thing to begin to understand is that the world you see around you is a reflection of the world within you. What does that mean? It means that if there appears to be chaos, stress or any other discord around you, it is reflecting a belief structure within you.
So often is the case where we blame the scene in front of us as being someone elses fault, or being a consequence of others doing, however in order to really begin to understand the dynamics at work, you have to look at YOU.
YOUR beliefs about the world around you, YOUR beliefs about relationships and love, money, happiness etc.
If you believe that wealth is something you will never achieve, then you wont. If you believe a healthy fulfilled relationship will never happen for you, it wont. If you believe that you are stuck in your life, you will be.
These beliefs systems can be very deep rooted and even go into our subconscious mind.
Our reality is very much a reflection of these subconscious beliefs. So often is the case, we don't even know what those beliefs are!

There is hope. You have to do the work. You have to look inside you and try to understand what those beliefs are, where they came from and begin to see how these deep belief structures dictate your reality and experiences.

So many want to "blame mom and dad" for their problems in life, for their emotional and psychological issues. Starting there, take a look at what your parents beliefs are. Go into the pain and the wounds you may have from childhood and face them.
We aren't looking to blame, we are looking to understand. You're beliefs structures are formed very early, and if you come from abuse in your early years, those beliefs structures are very deep rooted.
The only way to kill weeds is to uproot them. We will do the same with our belief structures.
Uprooting those beliefs allows room for new ones. Changing how you see life around you starts with finding all the rooted belief systems put there by others.

What are you own dreams? Not the dreams of your parents, or teachers, or partners. What are yours?
If you cant answer that question, there is much work to do.

What do you want to do with your life? Not what does your mom or dad want you to do, or your partner, what do YOU want to do?
Again, if you cant answer that question clearly and with conviction, there is much work to do.

So where do we start? Good question. Go back to the early years and if there is pain, wounds or abuse, start to look at it and process your experiences. You can not bring in the good in your life if it is cluttered with trauma.
I am available if you need help with this, schedule a session with me.

This month we will circle relationships and how they effect our mind, body and spirit.
The first relationship we will start with is the one with yourself.

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