Monday, June 11, 2007

Spirit and Money

Spirituality and Money!

Usually the thought is we dont have enough or that these two subjects dont mix.
So often in my work I hear stories of people who just cant seem to be able to manifest enough money in their lives to be able to do what they dream of doing. I also see many who feel strongly that money and Spirituality or religion dont mix either.
Well, Im here to say the exact opposite is true.
You have to love money. If you want it drawn to your life, you have to have a place inside of you that is willing to receive it. What do I mean by that?
I mean in order to draw something to you, you have to be willing and open to receive it. Just like a loving healthy relationship, or a better job, or a new car, or whatever it is that you are searching for.
You have to feel worthy of receiving it. What does that mean?
It means in order for you to be truely happy, you have to believe you are worthy of whatever it is you are searching to manifest in your life. Here we are talking about money.
Ok. so how do we make ourselves open to receiving money? Money comes from our jobs? Its in my paycheck, you might be saying. Yes it is. However, if you percieve that money is outside of yourself, that you have no control over bringing it into your life, then you will always simply feel a lack of it. Because in your mind you have already given up the accountability and power of manifesting it yourself.

Try this. Place a $20.oo bill next to whatever spiritual or religious item you have. Observe how this feels for you? Do you feel uncomfortable? Does it feel like a sin?
By sin, I mean whatever that means for you.
Why Spirit and Money? what do the two have in common? everything.

Everything is energy. All matter is energy. All you have to do is learn how to draw energy to you. We all hope to keep bad thing sout of our lives. For some that includes money. We have associated it with being bad, perhaps from our upbringing, our attitudes, our own sense of not deserving it. Whatever the reason, try to find that underlying belief structure.
Thats the first step.
Hunt down those belief structures, name them, write them down.
Thats the first step.

Visit this for awhile. I will post again on what step 2 is. For now...identify those underlying belief structures and see if you can find the roots.

In Oneness,

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