Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spirit and Money - Credit

In today's world we know all to well what credit is. We have a number of credit cards, credit lines and a numerous other array of credit in our lives.

I wonder how often we stop to take credit for what we are and what we have done with our lives. When we accomplish something do we allow ourselves to feel worthy of that credit, do we celebrate it, do we share our accomplishes with others, or do we feel a sense of shame in pronouncing to the world, especially those around us, what we have done.

So often in my work with clients, I see that they take on credit, feeling a sense of accomplishment in having the availability of that money in case they need it or if they want something, such as a new car etc. I often remind my clients that credit is a positive word for debt. When we apply for a loan, or credit card or line of credit, the minute we get approved, the only thing that truly happens is someone at a computer punches into the screen the amount you now owe. With credit cards, it works a bit differently, you have the imagined money there and it simply waits until you spend it.
No money actually ever exchanges hands. The credit card is plastic and the loan is computerized. Its all figures electronically punched in.
So what does that mean?
It means that whenever you get credit, you actually take on debt. So before you get to excited about the now available funds at your reach, think long and hard before spending it.
The credit card companies make a small fortune off giving you a figure of what you can "spend".
The banks make a big fortune off the interest rates they charge.
So tread carefully through the land of debt disguised as credit.

This brings up an interesting subject, how our lives are indebted or credited with Spirit!
Do you return to the world the service and gifts Spirit gives you?
You are gifted with such an enormous amount of energy and ability to empower your own life, it in a way, becomes good credit, the kind that is never ending. So do we let it flow through us? or do we hoard it for ourselves? Do we share the abundance of love and light with others? or do we give out negativity that becomes karmic debt.
You see, in the world of Spirit, your bank account, your line of credit is always full, it is a never ending wealth of abundance. We have to learn to excess that account. When we do we see that abundance is rightfully ours as is our relationship to Spirit.
When we fail to see that line of credit from Spirit, we give out our perception of lack, our perception of smallness, and we separate ourselves from our true self. That creates Karmic debt and we will spend a lifetime, if not lifetimes, repaying that.

Debt and credit depend on our point of view, our perception, and how we handle money and Spirit in our lives.

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